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Favorite Holiday Song

For nostalgic’s sake, my favorite is the “Last Christmas” song. I like it because it’s a sweet tune with catchy lyrics. Yes, I know, the lyrics are cheesy but I fall for it every time. 🙂 If I had to choose between listening to like 5 of the same Christmas songs over and over until Christmas Day, I’d much rather listen to “Last Christmas” by Wham on repeat instead. Many artists have covered the song, but the original by Wham has a magical quality to it that I can’t explain. I don’t know… the music video itself obviously looks very dated but it’s refreshing to watch it and realize there was a time when people actually sung a song and there didn’t have to be a ton of stuff happening in the video for it to be popular and well-liked.

During my tween years of being obsessed with the Disney Channel, I really liked Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff’s bubblegum pop versions of the song. The lyrics are the same each time, but the way it’s sung depending on the artist gives me different feels. Ashley Tisdale’s version is really upbeat and fast-paced while Hilary Duff’s is slower and has a softer vocal style to it. Weirdly, I could have swore that the lyrics were not gender specific, but only after looking up the lyrics I realized there is one word in the song that is changed depending on whether the person singing the song is male or female.

I actually didn’t know Ariana Grande covered the song too. I gave it a listen and tried to have an open mind about it but I have a hard time liking how she sung the song. It just doesn’t work for me. 😦 I think what also threw me off was the addition of new lyrics to the beginning of the song, which to me kinda messes up the vibe of the original arrangement of the song that I prefer.

As for Taylor Swift’s version, it is reminiscent of teen pop-ish with a country twang to it that I don’t mind hearing. The tone she sings it in seems to mimic the original song artist, but it’s a bit too similar sounding so her vocals sound weak to me. This sounds critical of me although I generally like most of Taylor’s songs.

What’s your favorite holiday song to listen to?

Prompt 18 from TheSitsGirls: What is your favorite holiday song?

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Holiday Song

  1. i love a fairytale of new york because it’s just so different than your traditional christmas song and it’s quite comedic, but last christmas does melt my heart every time!!

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