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Missed Call From a Stranger

The curiosity that fans out from me is like a familiar mist. The rectangular little tape recorder icon on the left corner of my screen means I have a new voice message. A quick glance at my phone icon tells me no missed call was logged into the system. One thing can be deducted from…… Continue reading Missed Call From a Stranger

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Stillness & Meditation

I have been sitting for most of the day. The lack of stimuli is not necessarily bad. I find even when my surroundings are quiet, the hub of my mind never shuts up as the human brain to constantly thinking and moving onto new and old ideas. It’s both typical and confounding. Was my mind…… Continue reading Stillness & Meditation

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Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

Growing up, I watched Dateline and those true crime exposé shows like Snapped and Deadly Women. I was drawn in by the dramatic style of how those real-life stories were presented, though the reenactments were my least favorite. It was fascinating to sometimes see real interviews from people who knew the murderers on a personal level. Some…… Continue reading Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

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Random Acts of Silliness

I’ve been raw and serious about the crappier side of my struggles, but here’s to giving myself a break as I recall a few times I did something silly without taking it too seriously. I think those silly moments are a healthy reminder during worse times that life doesn’t always suck. *That time I…realized why…… Continue reading Random Acts of Silliness

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Yellow tinted queen

Nature is what I need today. This is a photo of a yellow tree peony in full bloom from last summer. I’m surprised I never shared it, I remember being wowed by it. Coincidentally, the last flower photo I shared on my blog was also yellow. I swear that wasn’t on purpose, lol. I hope…… Continue reading Yellow tinted queen

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Failure After Failure

Another bad day. Boo hoo, poor me. Tough luck because everyone is going through something and my problems are not 1 in a billion. I know that so there is no hiding. Except I still do because, what the hell, every time I take a bold step towards change does not mean I can become…… Continue reading Failure After Failure