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Deleting Facebook?

I have thought about what might happen if I deleted my Facebook account. I would no longer have easy access to photos, updates, and communication with people on my friends list. That would be of little consequence to me as I can only count on one hand how many “friends” I might actually be afraid…… Continue reading Deleting Facebook?

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RRW #3: Choices

I’m stuck in inaction. Again. My whole life has been a series of choices. Now here’s another one to make. I know what I have to do and yet… I reach for alternative paths, trying to wriggle out of the obviously most rational choice. Why is this feeling like a root I can never get…… Continue reading RRW #3: Choices

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My Pet Peeves

As I do see myself as a person of tolerance and I try hard not to begrudge people for being different or not conforming to what mainstream society deems is appropriate, I’m also a person that has her own standards of what I don’t like tolerating because it’s annoying or rude (in my opinion). It’s…… Continue reading My Pet Peeves

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RRW #2: Waiting for an Answer

I’m nearly crushed under the weight I am holding up. When did this begin and when does it end? All I can do is wait. For how long? It’s not over yet. Fidgeting, twirling, bouncing on my feet. Any and every quirk to distract myself from wondering when the response will come. Until then, I…… Continue reading RRW #2: Waiting for an Answer

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Watching Television Shows

My earliest memories of watching television was at a time I was having a weird transition in grammar school and learning English. I am native to New York (born and raised), however, at home, my parents spoke to me in mostly Mandarin Chinese so my understanding of English was very sparse in kindergarten and first…… Continue reading Watching Television Shows

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Really Random Writing

Well… Before anyone gets confused reading the below text and is left wondering, “What in the heck did I just read? It sounds like a bunch of nonsense!” just let me say that I too have no idea what I was going for when I typed all this up. Haha, a writer who wrote something…… Continue reading Really Random Writing

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A Thing I Like about Myself

One thing I like about myself is that I enjoy doing things on my own, perhaps to a fault. My perception might be skewered based on my experiences, but I very much don’t like accepting direct help from my parents. I could be being hypersensitive about stuff, such as my dad’s prolificacy for taking care…… Continue reading A Thing I Like about Myself