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Caring Too Much About What People Think

Back in 2020 when I first transferred into the college I am still studying at now, I was in desperate need of mental health support and turned to my school’s personal counseling office. I enrolled in weekly scheduled group therapy sessions where there were two therapists-in-training and a select number of students who were also…… Continue reading Caring Too Much About What People Think

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How to Slow Down

I’ve got another work story to tell. It’s one I feel less negative about than everything I wrote about yesterday, however, it’s still something that I’m only figuring out now has been a life-long habit I’ve developed. On Saturdays I am mainly around one other coworker, Adele. She also works at the same site as…… Continue reading How to Slow Down

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The Horrors of Eye Contact and Verbal Exchanges

Eye contact. Something so simple but it scares the bejesus out of me. The initial moment of having a pair of eyes set on me and then stay on me is horrific. You’d think I might be used to it after seeing people for the 27 years of my life so far. I can sketch…… Continue reading The Horrors of Eye Contact and Verbal Exchanges

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Face in a Crowd

What do people see when they look at me? What draws them to glance my way in the first place, and what makes them stare for a few seconds longer than usual? These are questions I wonder about often. Was it something I did to catch their attention or are they searching for something in…… Continue reading Face in a Crowd

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Playing a Card Game

I haven’t had the chance to play this card game in a while, but my favorite one to play in a group is Cheat. It’s known by other names, like BS (Bullshit). This game can be played with three or more people. I’ve heard there is a normal and harder version to this game, but…… Continue reading Playing a Card Game

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Prompt: What I Was Really Thinking

This prompt originates from this list. Write about what you were really thinking. This was something that happened recently. It was two weeks ago on a Sunday when I went shopping with my parents. We stopped for lunch at a Popeye’s inside the mall. There was only one empty table with four seats left so…… Continue reading Prompt: What I Was Really Thinking

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Looks Are Deceiving

To judge someone by looks alone is unfair. It’s hard not to when the most immediate way to gauge a person is by looking at him/her and taking in their facial features and other physical attributes. It can be incredibly inaccurate the way my mind perceives someone with certain looks whom I deem to be…… Continue reading Looks Are Deceiving

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Sad Eyes

I am terrible at reading people’s emotions just by looking into their eyes. I attribute this to my poor social skills. However, once in a while I see someone and my gaze locks with theirs, and for whatever reason, it is not uncomfortable for me to maintain this eye contact for more than three seconds.…… Continue reading Sad Eyes

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Eye Contact / Eating in Public Jitters

I have never been good at holding eye contact. As a child, I recall I stared at anything and everything I could see because I was curious. That changed when I became more of an anxious child and meeting someone’s gaze and holding it was too much for me. I have some bad memories associated…… Continue reading Eye Contact / Eating in Public Jitters