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Failure After Failure

Another bad day. Boo hoo, poor me. Tough luck because everyone is going through something and my problems are not 1 in a billion. I know that so there is no hiding. Except I still do because, what the hell, every time I take a bold step towards change does not mean I can become…… Continue reading Failure After Failure

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Loss of Control & Tone of Voice

I am a control freak. Anytime I’m in a situation or in a mood where I feel there are things that are out of my control or influence, I act out. The most common way I “act out” is being more impatient in the way I speak because I am so frustrated by the loss…… Continue reading Loss of Control & Tone of Voice

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On Reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”

Well, I did it. I started reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. The book has been a laugh riot so far. I bought it from eBay as a digital copy. At first I wasn’t that confident about buying an ebook online and was imagining some unforeseen problems that might arise from it. For the…… Continue reading On Reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”

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Passing On Messages / Being Asked for Help

I never enjoy passing on messages for other people. Firstly, the immediate response I always have is a casual, “Sure, okay”, even though I’m screaming on the inside, “NOO, I don’t want to do it! NO!” The affirmative words always come out like an instant cue where I am compelled to give a reply right…… Continue reading Passing On Messages / Being Asked for Help

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I’m Late = Avoid the Situation

I keep making the same mistake again. I’ll be honest about what it is, but even on this blog, I am feeling kind of embarrassed to write openly about the issue. It’s been a recurring problem that I want to change. Not to change for other people, but for myself because the choice I keep…… Continue reading I’m Late = Avoid the Situation

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Going Out & New Environments

It’s only the second day in a row of a mixture of cloudy and rainy weather, but I am going a little insane from staying indoors today. Commonly, in the hours before I go out, I get caught up thinking about the small things, like if I can actually bring myself to make my wish…… Continue reading Going Out & New Environments

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Skin Picking / Dermatillomania

Some mornings, I just eat whatever for breakfast because my appetite doesn’t care what it is as long as I stop feeling hungry afterward, lol. Today I ate a steamed bun, or a “mantou”, as it is known in Mandarin Chinese. This is different from a stuffed steam bun, which usually has filling or meat…… Continue reading Skin Picking / Dermatillomania