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Where I’ve Been?

The answer to the post title is… Everywhere, and nowhere. I didn’t do anything life-changing. I just went on with my days since my last post on November 4th. I’m half-tempted to do one of those “What I’ve been up to lately” posts but I don’t know if that feels right. I’m not sure if…… Continue reading Where I’ve Been?

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Sleepless & Struggling

I’ve been here before. I lost count in the last month of how many times I’ve been sleepless. Either I can sleep but wake up earlier before taking a while to fall back asleep. Or I can’t sleep a wink after being in bed for hours, yet I’m too stubborn to give up and just…… Continue reading Sleepless & Struggling

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Inaccurate Impression

It was the morning of Sunday, October 21st. Aunt T, who was visiting for the weekend, drove Aunt Y (her sister), her friend, my dad, and I to Bushwick for a free graffiti art street tour. We were the first ones there but stayed in the car to avoid the cold air until more people…… Continue reading Inaccurate Impression

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Weird Forgotten Dream

Being asleep is like drifting in midair not really feeling my actual physical body but the emotions and thoughts I experience are felt more intensely. Falling back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night is like being gently covered with a blanket, except I’m not aware of when the blanket goes on…… Continue reading Weird Forgotten Dream

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Attracting Attention

Today I donated 50+ DVDs to a bookstore. Getting the items to their destination required carrying them by hand. I had just the thing to fit all of them; a huge blue reusable bag. It looks similar to those tote bags used for retail shopping at grocery and convenience stores, except I got mine as…… Continue reading Attracting Attention

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Real or Perceived Judgment

Man, I hate social anxiety. So many times this year I’ve felt like I’m just barely scraping by and being crushed under the weight of other people’s judgment of me. I’m aware there have been more than a handful of times I most likely blew the situation out of proportion in my mind or upped…… Continue reading Real or Perceived Judgment

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Under Pressure

Under Pressure. These are truly the two words that come to mind when I am not feeling well and for whatever reason I am compelled to pretend like I am completely fine. I don’t know when this behavior of mine started or why my mind decided to have such a routine that has become essential…… Continue reading Under Pressure