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Dwelling On A Change

Yesterday I got a bit of news about something important to me. It’s horrible, the feeling of safety I had where I thought things were a certain way and then to get new information that has turned my plans upside down. It has left me less sure of whether I even want to try to pursue…… Continue reading Dwelling On A Change

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G2K : Get To Know

This’ll be my first time participating in the “Get 2 Know” weekly Q&A, with the questions being provided by Revenge of Eve. I found out about it from a blogger I follow, Ashley, who has been taking part in the Q&A regularly. Her answers are great to read and are what got me interested in…… Continue reading G2K : Get To Know

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Doing Nothing

I’m hyperaware and probably spent a lot of unnecessary minutes thinking about this. On the days I don’t have a preplanned schedule, playing my time by ear can have its perks. Sometimes, though, a gravity of a low mood pulls at me and the more I do nothing and the feeling just grows stronger in…… Continue reading Doing Nothing

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Weird Things People Do in Public

I feel a bit judgmental writing this post. The kind of habits I find to be “weird”, other people may think, What is she even talking about? That’s totally fine! I bet some of the things I do can be perceived as weird too. It depends on an individual’s perspective and what strikes them as…… Continue reading Weird Things People Do in Public

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Familiar Face

Today’s hot! Again the temperature has climbed to 90 in New York after a few cooler days of 80ish weather (except Friday, when it was such a heat wave outside even some local libraries closed early!). I don’t know what I was thinking sitting down on some concrete steps in a public park area. Mainly…… Continue reading Familiar Face

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Mystery Blogger Award 2018

Well, I got nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award! 🙂 Here’s the closest I will ever get to virtually flashing a million watt smile and perfecting my pageant-style wave (in the virtual world, of course) to my adoring fans (I meant this in the most sarcastic way possible since there’s no way I can see myself doing…… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award 2018