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Weird Things People Do in Public

I feel a bit judgmental writing this post. The kind of habits I find to be “weird”, other people may think, What is she even talking about? That’s totally fine! I bet some of the things I do can be perceived as weird too. It depends on an individual’s perspective and what strikes them as…… Continue reading Weird Things People Do in Public

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Not Brave Today

Of all the courageous things I did today, what sticks out first and foremost is not my triumphs but my failures. I’m a work in progress, yes. Where I am today was not where I was a year ago or two years ago or even three years ago. How I feel about myself now might…… Continue reading Not Brave Today

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Alone or Together

I know I am a person capable of much even though I have anxiety. I get anxious over purportedly “dumb” things. I belittle myself in this way because of the many times I’ve been in the moment of being actively anxious and how stuck I am. I think, Why am I feeling anxiety over this?…… Continue reading Alone or Together

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Amusements For a Day

My physical and mental fuel reserves were wiped out to capacity from yesterday’s all-day family outing I participated in. Both my mind and body worked so hard to fight the anxiety, except I didn’t feel the aftereffects of it until today. My mom’s younger brother had come back to New York with her after their…… Continue reading Amusements For a Day

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Upset Over Stupid Things

I’m still doing poorly at times with managing my anxiety. I get upset when the change starts blooming inside me. It can happen on a subconscious level without me even realizing there has been a shift in my mood. Or maybe I do recognize it but I don’t know how to seize control of what…… Continue reading Upset Over Stupid Things

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Traveling with Family

For the weekend before Memorial Day, I packed for a three-day trip to the Pocono Mountains where I stayed in a cabin at the Arrowhead Lake community. This was the first vacation I have taken with my parents in years, in addition to my brother plus his girlfriend, Bree. So much anxiety, ugh. Because it…… Continue reading Traveling with Family

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Scared by an Icebreaker Question

I have never liked icebreaker questions. My fear of them stems from my school years where the activity always came up as the teacher’s method of making everyone “get to know each other”. Icebreaker questions are meant to be non-threatening and a casual, fun way for people to interact with one another, but being that…… Continue reading Scared by an Icebreaker Question