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Life’s Randomness

Where am I going with this random post? I don’t know. Life and all that jazz, I suppose? It’s not really a journal entry, in my opinion, so hence the unusual title. December is not my month. It snowed all day yesterday for the first time in my area in New York. I have a…… Continue reading Life’s Randomness

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A Broken Promise

A promise I made but never kept was one from my childhood. In all the years afterward where I think of it from time to time, I always feel guilty for breaking the promise because I was too weak. The promise itself was a simple one. In grammar school, a friend of mine went to…… Continue reading A Broken Promise

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Experiences at Parties

My personal experiences with parties are few and far in-between. Basically, that means I have almost zero to share about being at parties because they’re not my go-to place to hang out or meet new people, unfortunately. The last party I went to was when I was about sixteen-ish and I traveled all the way…… Continue reading Experiences at Parties

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

If a mirror suddenly started speaking to me, I would (without a doubt) jump back in alarm, wondering why there is a complete stranger’s voice coming from inside my bathroom. Better yet, if I were in the middle of brushing my teeth as the voice of the mirror is speaking to me, I think I…… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

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Prompt: When I Knew It Was Over

This prompt originates from this list. Write about when you knew it was over. It was fourth grade and I was friends with a girl named Beatrice. We sat together in homeroom and for some classes because those were our assigned seats. Each student was allowed to store their books and pencil cases in their…… Continue reading Prompt: When I Knew It Was Over

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Prompt: Letter To An Old Friend

This prompt originates from this list. Write a letter to an old friend or lover that you’ll never send. Dear Rosario, It’s been a long time. The last time I heard from you was on Facebook when you sent me a friend request. You also messaged me with something along the lines of, “Hey, I…… Continue reading Prompt: Letter To An Old Friend

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Best Friends Forever

The eternal vow of “best friends forever” is definitely one I have sworn before to the very last best friend I had years ago. I intended to stay true to the promise, and perhaps L did as well. We met in 3rd grade. The first interaction I had with her was seeing her and smiling…… Continue reading Best Friends Forever