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Oh Happy Times

After going through my last few posts and rereading them, I thought about how despite all the melancholy I expressed in writing I did not give adequate acknowledgment to recent happy experiences. When life gets hard, it’s hard not to unconsciously slip into a funk. I forget to take time to slow down and ground…… Continue reading Oh Happy Times

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Home Away From Home

There is so much I want to say. The last month or so has been crazy. My lovely internship at an urban farm has taken up the bulk of my time 3 days out of my week. Much of it has been good but I’ve had hard days. I have had a lot of fun…… Continue reading Home Away From Home

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March Stitch Updates

Spring is finally here, thank goodness. I don’t think I got much cross stitching done. My heart wasn’t as into it after having a lot of real life stuff on my mind lately. I stitched less but never forced myself when I didn’t feel like doing it. My last update posts: February 2019 January 2019…… Continue reading March Stitch Updates

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February Stitch Updates

Bye bye February and hello March! Here’s another post to update on my cross stitch projects. Most notable is that I added blue beads to the cloth. Some of them are in the fairy’s hair wreath but most were sprinkled around the castle globe and her necklace. The stitch chart called for a type of…… Continue reading February Stitch Updates

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Amateur orchiding

I know I technically just made up a word (orchiding), but it’s my way of describing my everlasting love for phalaenopsis orchid plants. 😍 I currently own 8 orchids and they’re all mini-sized. I would love big regular sized orchid with large blooms but I just have nowhere to put such a large potted plant…… Continue reading Amateur orchiding

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My Music Tastes

My taste in music is very much all over the place. I went through various “phases” in life with liking one genre before my interests changed to another genre. I truly didn’t mean for this post to turn into a giant novel going over my earliest music interests to present-day, but I got carried away…… Continue reading My Music Tastes

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Watching Television Shows

My earliest memories of watching television was at a time I was having a weird transition in grammar school and learning English. I am native to New York (born and raised), however, at home, my parents spoke to me in mostly Mandarin Chinese so my understanding of English was very sparse in kindergarten and first…… Continue reading Watching Television Shows

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A Thing I Like about Myself

One thing I like about myself is that I enjoy doing things on my own, perhaps to a fault. My perception might be skewered based on my experiences, but I very much don’t like accepting direct help from my parents. I could be being hypersensitive about stuff, such as my dad’s prolificacy for taking care…… Continue reading A Thing I Like about Myself

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50 Great Things

I was going to name this post, “50 Things That Make Me Happy” or “50 Things That Make Me Feel Good”, but both titles are exceedingly long. Also, I have come to realize that I don’t know wtf it actually means to “be happy” because it’s such a general term so I will settle for this…… Continue reading 50 Great Things

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My Favorite Season: Spring!

I’m in for the long haul as winter is only just beginning, though I have the assurance that my favorite season, spring, will eventually come next year.     The best satisfaction I get from spring is coming out of hibernation and cracking open my windows and let fresh air in for the whole day. Aaah.…… Continue reading My Favorite Season: Spring!