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G2K : Get To Know

This’ll be my first time participating in the “Get 2 Know” weekly Q&A, with the questions being provided by Revenge of Eve. I found out about it from a blogger I follow, Ashley, who has been taking part in the Q&A regularly. Her answers are great to read and are what got me interested in…… Continue reading G2K : Get To Know

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The Weight of Me

Am I really here? Do I really exist? Am I truly being seen? What do people perceive when they look at me, when they interact with me? Do they remember me still after time has blurred the edges of a memory? These questions came up in my mind at the most random moment ever. I…… Continue reading The Weight of Me

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A Glasses Story

I became near-sighted at a very young age. Vaguely, I have an almost memory (or an echo of a memory) of what it felt like to be able to see without having to wear glasses. The blurring of my sight obviously happened over a prolonged time but the memories I should have of the gradual…… Continue reading A Glasses Story

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I’m Late = Avoid the Situation

I keep making the same mistake again. I’ll be honest about what it is, but even on this blog, I am feeling kind of embarrassed to write openly about the issue. It’s been a recurring problem that I want to change. Not to change for other people, but for myself because the choice I keep…… Continue reading I’m Late = Avoid the Situation

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Making Plans

Today was an interesting day. For a very long time, I’ve felt bad whenever I thought I did absolutely nothing in a day. But did I really do nothing or did the squirmy, self-loathing part of me write myself off again? Which is the lesser of evils; to be so swamped with deadlines and projects…… Continue reading Making Plans

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Speed of Personal Growth

Being the age I am at and the situation I am in, I am considering the possibility I have unintentionally boxed myself in and robbed myself of the personal growth I could be having if I would let certain things go. I don’t know how many times I have brought this up in past posts…… Continue reading Speed of Personal Growth