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Most Memorable Mail I’ve Gotten

I don’t have many fantasical tales to tell about unusual things I’ve gotten in the mail, except for one. It was addressed to me from my local mall and the front of the booklet had in bold letters, “Congratulations on your new baby!” ………….?! That declaration really raised my eyebrows. For a minute there, I…… Continue reading Most Memorable Mail I’ve Gotten

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Favorite Thing to Do on a Cold Day

On a cold day, a favorite thing I like to do is to bundle my feet in fluffy socks if I am staying indoors. This is unusual for me as I typically walk around the house barefoot. I’m not a slipper girl because it’s too much effort (in my opinion) to go up and down…… Continue reading Favorite Thing to Do on a Cold Day

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Unwanted Catcalling

Wow, this is a tough topic to write about. Getting catcalled and/or harassed on the street is a terrible thing to go through, whether the person on the receiving end of this is a man or woman. No one should be treated like a piece of meat. Being preyed upon another person like this is…… Continue reading Unwanted Catcalling

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Favorite Holiday Song

For nostalgic’s sake, my favorite is the “Last Christmas” song. I like it because it’s a sweet tune with catchy lyrics. Yes, I know, the lyrics are cheesy but I fall for it every time. 🙂 If I had to choose between listening to like 5 of the same Christmas songs over and over until…… Continue reading Favorite Holiday Song

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How Often I Cry

Crying is a very natural and human reaction to have, although I have a built-up resistance to allowing myself to do it in front of other people. I always feel embarrassed whenever I cry in the presence of others, especially if I was working hard to not burst into tears but somehow the dam breaks…… Continue reading How Often I Cry

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Favorite Childhood Picture Books

I have good memories of picture books I loved sooo much when I was little. I liked reading books under the “a Little Golden Book” collection. I never read every single one but had a few that I personally owned that I wore out the binding by opening them so often. Of course the allure…… Continue reading Favorite Childhood Picture Books

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A Broken Promise

A promise I made but never kept was one from my childhood. In all the years afterward where I think of it from time to time, I always feel guilty for breaking the promise because I was too weak. The promise itself was a simple one. In grammar school, a friend of mine went to…… Continue reading A Broken Promise

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Putting Together Puzzles

A simple activity that I’m sad to say I don’t indulge in as much anymore in this day and age is working on jigsaw puzzles. I loved piecing them together when I was a kid. I especially enjoyed working on a challenging puzzle that had over a thousand pieces. I would always start out collecting…… Continue reading Putting Together Puzzles

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Flying High

I imagine having wings might be like another set of hands or legs, except I’d be super clumsy with using them. If I suddenly sprouted a pair, it would be hard to adjust to the change of gaining appendages like that. Not to mention how many things I would bump into because of them, or…… Continue reading Flying High

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A Feeling of Dread

Judging from the featured photo I chose to use for this post, you would think whatever I have to discuss today is terrifying and horrific. In a way, it is. Social anxiety sucks. Anxiety sucks. Having both at different intervals throughout my day to day life is more than just a hassle or a nuisance.…… Continue reading A Feeling of Dread