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Crazed Nightmare & Seeing Myself As I Am

This morning, I had the most horrible nightmare. It is my worst one to date, I think. I don’t know if this is just me, but the nightmares I have during morning hours (like 7-9 AMish) are more vivid and I’m able to remember them more easily after I wake up. The whole time in…… Continue reading Crazed Nightmare & Seeing Myself As I Am

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Christmas Eve, Netflix, and Games

Well, it’s Christmas Eve! It won’t be a white Christmas around where I live. No snow, but it is raining, haha. The only celebratory thing I can think of that my family and I did was have a hot pot dinner at home. It’s just me and my parents, haha. I think I appreciate a…… Continue reading Christmas Eve, Netflix, and Games

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Life Reflections

I’ve been to just about nowhere in the last week or so. The days feel shorter, which I blame on the early sunsets. Very few people in my neighborhood put up Christmas decorations, though it’s a cheering sight to see one house turns on their Christmas lights once it gets dark out. I remember a…… Continue reading Life Reflections

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RRW #2: Waiting for an Answer

I’m nearly crushed under the weight I am holding up. When did this begin and when does it end? All I can do is wait. For how long? It’s not over yet. Fidgeting, twirling, bouncing on my feet. Any and every quirk to distract myself from wondering when the response will come. Until then, I…… Continue reading RRW #2: Waiting for an Answer

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Defining a Dictionary Word: Winterkill

For today’s exercise, the goal was to look up a random dictionary word and write about what the word means to me. I used this website and got the word “winterkill”, which means to kill something (such and plants or crops) by exposing it winter temperatures/conditions. The word itself was a dead giveaway for its…… Continue reading Defining a Dictionary Word: Winterkill

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Prompt: Losing Something Forever

This prompt originates from this list. Note: I only meant to talk about a memory of mine but somehow my writing got into a deep topic and evolved into a mega long post. 😣 Write about something you lost that you can never get back. The one thing I lost very early in life was…… Continue reading Prompt: Losing Something Forever