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How Often I Blog

When I first started blogging, it was never my intention to make it a daily thing. I would write a post whenever I wanted to, but the downside to this was that I blogged infrequently and I often felt like I was writing about the same things over and over. It got old pretty fast. For right now, I’m content with what I am doing on my blog now, although it did briefly cross my mind that I might be blogging too frequently. Maybe? Maybe not? I haven’t decided yet.

If you’ve been around on my blog recently or have been reading my stuff for a while now, you know that I have been doing daily writing prompts. Most of the prompts are pulled from other websites, but the ones where I do not link a source for the prompt question are the ones I spontaneously came up on my own. The blogging prompts began in September when I challenged myself with a blogging challenge. After I finished that, I moved onto other writing prompts. As of now, I’m experimenting with different prompts from various websites without putting pressure on myself to do every single one on each list. I usually pick one that stands out to me and is something I can easily write about in a paragraph or two.

So why writing prompts? Well… they’re a creative outlet for me because the questions are specific enough for me to answer but they also give me a chance to think about topics or ideas related to it that I can write about in the same post. The first and most important aspect is that I am writing for myself. I am not writing so frequently to get more attention. Being that WordPress does allow for virtual social interaction and there is that function of following or liking posts, I try hard to have a realistic mindset about it. Of course I appreciate it when people follow and like my stuff. It’s that I don’t want to get hung up on the numbers because, at the end of the day, they’re just numbers. For example, I don’t want to lose my mind if I see that I lost 5 followers or that only a certain amount of people liked a particular post of mine. People unfollow or don’t read or don’t comment for all sorts of reasons. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. So from me to you, just know that I won’t take it personally if you do unfollow or stop reading my blog. I will understand and I won’t be mad, lol.

The second reason why I blog so frequently is I have gotten used to doing it on a daily basis. The blog challenge I did in September was to test the waters for myself and see if I could learn anything new from blogging every day. And I did. That challenge really opened up my mind to writing about other things than what was my main focus at the time (social anxiety). I realized I had a ton of ideas and thoughts on all sorts of subject matters that I never wrote about on my blog before until then. The daily blogging has kept me on my toes mentally and physically. It powers my brain on days where I feel as if I don’t have much going on and that leaves me satisfied to have spare time to prepare several blog posts in advance (thank goodness for WordPress’s scheduled post function — what a lifesaver! 🙂 ). It pushes me on days where I am knee deep with other life responsibilities and gives me the challenge of using my teeny slot of free time during the day to finish a post, reread it, run it through spellcheck, and find a nice stock photo (thanks again to Hunida for mentioning Unsplash on her blog). You could say blogging so often has also helped give me an unofficial job to do for fun and every day I get to write about something different than yesterday.

What’s your blogging style? Do you prefer to blog daily, every other day, or less frequently?

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25 thoughts on “How Often I Blog

  1. originally I set out to do once a month, but since i picked up again its been on average once a week…it gives me some structure. I made a promise to myself thought to only continue as long as i am having fun with it and it helps me to grow

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  2. i started in late november and i thought i’ll be barely able to get one blog in a week! then i challenged myself to do ‘blogmas’ and now i’m on day 11 and i can’t imagine a day without it. i do agree with you that the scheduling feature is a lifesaver. Love your blog!

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    1. Me too, there was a time I looked at daily blog challenges like, “What! How do people blog everyday?” But I’ve gotten into the flow of posting at least once a day. I kinda feel like some of the stuff I write about is pretty random, lol, but I think of it as every post has a part of me in it.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am going to check out your blog now. 😀


  3. I love daily blogging. It’s kept me writing everyday, and now it’s become a habit I love. It’s a way to get thoughts out and connect with people. There may be a time when I start to cut back on how frequent I post, but for now, this is what’s working for me.

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    1. Same here, it’s a habit I can’t seem to quit lol. I do sometimes wonder if I’m overloading my readers with too much if I blog daily, but for right now, it’s what I like doing.

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  4. On my main blog, I used to aim for one or two posts per week. With my personal, I tried to post every day. My issue is having too much crap running around in my mind. I now have tons of drafts that I can’t bring myself to post, lol.

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    1. I have too much crap in my mind too, haha. I think that’s why the constant of having a daily post helps me in some way with mental stimulation. Wow, I didn’t know you had more than one blog. I thought about keeping another one but I don’t know. My blog is all over the place with post topics and I feel kinda too lazy to separate them. Sorry to hear about the unpublished drafts. What’s stopping you from posting them, if you don’t mind me asking?

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      1. My main blog was the first one but then I needed somewhere to vent about life, so I started another lol. The main one is more of a general topics and the personal is all about me.

        Life stops me, lol! I write it and mean to post and then I have more to say and even more to say and eventually I end up with backlog. I have thought about scheduling like you’ve mentioned here. That’s a really good idea.

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      2. Scheduling posts ahead of time definitely helps with adding new posts at specific times when you might not be available to post it manually. Though I recommend checking for errors in the post is good to go before scheduling it.

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