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Prompt: The Last Time I Left My Comfort Zone

This prompt originates from this list. Write about the last time you left your comfort zone. At the time I am writing this, I am typing this post in advance so for clarification I am adding a specific date for an event I am recounting. The event I am going to talk about happened on…… Continue reading Prompt: The Last Time I Left My Comfort Zone

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Prompt: A Time I Did The Right Thing

This prompt originates from this list. Write about a time when you knew you’d done the right thing. I was playing with a female cousin on a playground in New Jersey. I guess it was fall or sometime in winter because we had jackets on. We both took our coats off before we made our…… Continue reading Prompt: A Time I Did The Right Thing

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Prompt: How I Found My Way Back

This prompt originates from this list. Write about how you found your way back. This was in a New Jersey mall I went to with my parents and brother. We were driven there by my cousins’ mother. What I remember most was goofing around with my cousins and my brother in a toy store playing…… Continue reading Prompt: How I Found My Way Back

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Labor Day + Post-Job Thoughts

Today is Labor Day. I wish I could say something patriotic on this national holiday but unfortunately, I do not since I don’t even feel like I deserve to be celebratory. In the days prior to this day, a pang went off in my chest whenever I thought of Labor Day. How can I describe…… Continue reading Labor Day + Post-Job Thoughts

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Perception Is Everything

Seems like finally getting a job in real life has upped the ante for me in regards to the number of blog posts I’ve put out recently. It’s definitely not a marketing strategy, I can promise you that. If I could work full-time making a sustainable amount of money and chill at home doing basically…… Continue reading Perception Is Everything

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Problems with My Parents

It is hard to describe my state of mind right now. I feel quite fired up thinking about the kind of “advice” my own parents gave me hours earlier. They think they’re helping me but they’re really not. Instead I feel belittled and almost as if they are treating me like a child or that…… Continue reading Problems with My Parents

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A Complicated Mess

I learn something new about myself every day, whether consciously acknowledge this or not. Today’s lesson is one that was meant to happen since long ago, I think if I hadn’t sheltered myself so much from the world. I would compare it to droplets of water slowly dripping into a puddle. The knowledge has been…… Continue reading A Complicated Mess