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Doing Nothing

I’m hyperaware and probably spent a lot of unnecessary minutes thinking about this. On the days I don’t have a preplanned schedule, playing my time by ear can have its perks. Sometimes, though, a gravity of a low mood pulls at me and the more I do nothing and the feeling just grows stronger in…… Continue reading Doing Nothing

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Amusements For a Day

My physical and mental fuel reserves were wiped out to capacity from yesterday’s all-day family outing I participated in. Both my mind and body worked so hard to fight the anxiety, except I didn’t feel the aftereffects of it until today. My mom’s younger brother had come back to New York with her after their…… Continue reading Amusements For a Day

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Parents as Housemates

Everyone has their own living circumstances, whether they chose it or have nowhere else to stay. I am still living under the same roof as my parents. Let me say that for those who are in the same tenacious situation and struggle between being grateful with having a place to sleep at night as well…… Continue reading Parents as Housemates

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Upset Over Stupid Things

I’m still doing poorly at times with managing my anxiety. I get upset when the change starts blooming inside me. It can happen on a subconscious level without me even realizing there has been a shift in my mood. Or maybe I do recognize it but I don’t know how to seize control of what…… Continue reading Upset Over Stupid Things

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Traveling with Family

For the weekend before Memorial Day, I packed for a three-day trip to the Pocono Mountains where I stayed in a cabin at the Arrowhead Lake community. This was the first vacation I have taken with my parents in years, in addition to my brother plus his girlfriend, Bree. So much anxiety, ugh. Because it…… Continue reading Traveling with Family

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Wake-Up Call

Today, the second night into a vacation trip I took with my family to the Pocono Mountains, I had been slowly but surely putting together a blog draft of all the cool things I have experienced thus far. Now in light of something that happened this evening, I feel too somber to publish it. Maybe…… Continue reading Wake-Up Call