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Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory was many, many years ago when I was still a loyal believer in Santa Claus. I wrote a letter to him that I hid under some books, and to my shock, I later found a typed up note in my room that he wrote. In my naivete, I really thought he…… Continue reading Favorite Christmas Memory

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Eating Dinner with Family

Having dinner with loved ones in my household has always been a constant for as long as I can remember, but with time, it’s a tradition that is sometimes broken for the sake of convenience or because everyone is on different schedules so not all of us can be there in time for the meal.ย Eating…… Continue reading Eating Dinner with Family

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Places to Hide

Strangely, as an adult, I can’t remember the last time I hid something with the serious intent of not wanting anyone to find it. The only thing I can think of is where I store my extra cash money in my room, where I store it in an envelope and put that in a pouch…… Continue reading Places to Hide

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Sons & Daughters

One of the hardest questions to answer: “Which is better, a son or a daughter?” The question alone comes across as insensitive, despite that it’s unavoidable that for some people, there is that preference to have a child of one gender over the other. Just the idea of gender is a whole can of complexities…… Continue reading Sons & Daughters

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I Look Happier?

Yesterday I saw and spoke with an aunt I have not seen for several months. I only found out that morning she was coming but when she didn’t arrive, I assumed her plans had changed. I didn’t ask either of my parents for clarification either and just felt relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal…… Continue reading I Look Happier?

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Prompt: Being Loved

This is a curious prompt topic to write about that is pretty much unknown terrain for me. I’m certain I have people in my life who love me and have tried to show me that they love me, whether I recognize it as love or not. Those who have read my previous blog posts about…… Continue reading Prompt: Being Loved

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Prompt: Childhood Memory That Changed My Perspective

I would consider myself quite spoiled as a child. Both my parents worked a lot, and while I did spend more time with my mom because she was around more than my dad, my dad was the one tried to make up for his absence by giving me material things to make me happy. I…… Continue reading Prompt: Childhood Memory That Changed My Perspective