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Out of Hibernation

Honestly, I’ve just been too busy to write and other obligations took priority. Life had a way of pulling me into a million other things despite that it was the winter season. I definitely felt the struggle as winter hit its frenzy with very gradual increase every day with less and less hours of daylight.

Right now I’m writing on my bus ride to work. Today is April 1st. It was a welcome surprise to walk out of the house this morning with the sky still in its sleepy purple phase and there was actual birdsong from a migratory bird usually not heard in this area until the warmer months. The air smells sweet with fresh wet rain with a nice even breeze (wind chill forecast says it will pick up to gusts up to 20 miles per hour later on!).

I’m just so glad spring weather is finally coming around. A few weeks ago I sowed little strawberry seeds indoors in a container and covered in with a clear reusable wrap to trap the humidity inside. The pot has found a place at my sunny window ever since. Slowly but surely, I see green sprouts poking out from the seeds. I’ve read that strawberry plants don’t start producing actual fruit until their second year of life, which I’m fine with. It would be something to even have strawberry plants grown to full size – something I’ve never done with strawberry seeds before. Many people like me who grew up the urban city never had exposure to growing edible food and seeing what naturally grown food that wasn’t plumped up from fast-acting fertilizers looked like.

I’ve got a ton of things planned. Some obligations (personal and professional) that I took on didn’t go as well and that’s fine. The pace of life feels okay for me at the moment but I’ve had to stop myself from taking on more than what I thought I could handle. Some frustrations and annoyances rise up and stress and worries still occasionally keep me up. I can’t control everything. My compass is to just stay on the path I’ve made for myself even if I have doubts that the end result will have a positive impact.

Featured Image by Adhil MN.

3 thoughts on “Out of Hibernation

  1. Yes, it’s the second year where you get fruit, although you may see very small strawberries during the first year. I did and ate one. It might have just been one that was very small that I could only eat. But it was nice for just a few seconds to taste that strawberry.
    It’s my second year with my strawberry plants so the year to pick my fruit.
    You are supposed to feed your strawberries too at some point to help with the growth. But I have not done this as I just want to see what happens without doing that. So it could be hit or miss for me by choosing this way.

    I shall be planting more seeds next week for other edible food and some marigolds as well.

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    1. Aw, that would be nice to see small strawberries. I had no idea what “real” strawberries looked like until I visited my local farmer’s markets. That stuff is the real deal! I too am planting marigolds! I got so many seeds last year from just one flower head and they germinate really easily. The tricky part about starting them indoors is not exposing them too quickly to outside temperatures when they’re still quite small.

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      1. Yes. I left my seeds later before deciding to sow. By doing so, they didn’t get caught by the snow. I still haven’t made a start as I said before. But I hope to soon. Or by early May.

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