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G2K: Get to Know

Whoops, I forgot to do G2K last week and it almost slipped from my mind for this week too. Better late than never! These questions were provided by Revenge of Eve. 🙂

GET 2 KNOW is a series of questions giving readers insight into the personal lives of their favorite bloggers.


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  1. Do you have any known enemies/frienemies? There is a person I consider a semi-frienemy who used to be my friend. I’m not comfortable naming the person (who is most definitely not anyone I have met on WordPress, so don’t be afraid that I am writing about you, lol).
  2. How long has this feud been going on? I guess since I cut off contact with her by unfriending her on Facebook. Since then I haven’t messaged her or said anything to her.
  3. What is the reason behind this failed relationship? Lack of regular communication, and partially I felt my efforts to talk to her through messaging was not reciprocated by her. The last three times I wrote to her, it was always “Sorry I was busy” or “I’m just too busy”.
  4. Will this mend itself with time or will it require work? It will not work out. I’m not interested in hearing or seeing updates about her. At this point we haven’t spoken in so long I’m not even sure I know her anymore.
  5. Are you willing to put in the effort to save this relationship or just drop the feud? Why or why not? I admit I have some lingering ill feelings towards her for my perception of her purportedly avoiding me or not being that interested in speaking to me. Perhaps it was bad timing or miscommunication or whatever. Life happens. Friends come and go. I think it’s easier to just move on and let things go. 

Featured Image by Revenge of Eve.

12 thoughts on “G2K: Get to Know

  1. Good on you for ditching your friend. Ain’t nothing wrong with being busy, but it’s often how people tell you. If you’re sending multiple messages and every once in a while they let you know they’re busy, it’s a wrap. If they actually acknowledge you each time you try the get in touch and say, ‘I will get back to you’, it’s at least considerate.

    I have a friend who I used to speak to all the time, but she basically stopped responding to anything to do with my personal life. I think she got tired of hearing about Dumb-Dumb, which I understand, but still, as a friend I always try to be there for people…

    Anyway, I no longer reach out first. Don’t even care if she’s noticed.

    People come and go.

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    1. Yeah, her excuses about being busy. I would see the read receipts from her but she wouldn’t write anything back right away like, “oh I’m busy now but I’ll get back to you soon.” It would just be silence on her end until she would respond days later.

      Similarly to your situation, I wonder if my ex-friend got tired of me talking about some of the same stuff. She did tell me I talked too much about a specific thing and what I got from the vibe in her words is she was annoyed with me. So after that I backed off and in a way the experience has made me less willing to be as open with a friend out of fear I’m going to drive the person away somehow.

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      1. You know what? I say be open as much as you want. Whether they read it or not, the process is in the words you pour out, not what someone who doesn’t know what you’re feeling thinks. Sometimes I deliberately write messages I know I won’t get a response to because I need to get it out, but I don’t really care for the other person’s opinion.

        It’s nice to have a sounding board, but it’s even better to at least get stuff out of your head.

        I’m sorry your friend did that…I hate read receipts for that purpose. The sad thing is how we see that and we still continue to reach out to people. I never (or rarely) read a message that I don’t have time to respond to just because I don’t want to make anyone feel like I’m ignoring them. People these days will open messages and have the nerve to say ‘oh, once it’s open, I forget about it’. And that’s if they say anything at all.

        Bleh. I’m just done with people at the moment, lol.


  2. Ha! This is “fun” to think about.
    I definitely have one “enemy”. He’s a colleague. We both can’t seem to stand each other, which results in that nothing is done for the part of my project where he is involved.
    His childish actions have made me do childish actions towards him.
    It’s really very stupid.

    As for frenemies, I don’t agree with some life decisions of most my friends. So when they complain about not having money, I just remind them of the time they were partying while I was studying 😉

    As for sicial media, I think so many arguements start due to that. Luckily you don’t argue though!

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    1. Goodness, that is frustrating to put up with a colleague you dislike. But that’s also good life experience to be in the situation of dealing with a difficult coworker. Though he’s certainly not very helpful with being childish towards you… Is he younger or older than you? It seems silly for a grown man to be childish like that. Can’t say I blame you for being childish right back to him since he started it lol.

      Yeah, life decisions of friends can vary a lot. People can be so different. What works for someone might not for someone else, though it is also hard not to look at someone’s life choices and disagree with how they choosing to handle things based on their situation or circumstances.

      Social media is the worst place to get into an argument lol. I stay faaaaaaar away from that. XD


      1. I turn into a monster when I interact with him, haha!
        We both EXTREMELY friendly to each other when we are surrounded by others. It’s very fake and everyone can see it.
        It annoys me when he acts like that, so I do the same to him.
        There is no point of return in this case and it sad.
        I do think we can blame him though. Because he got very angry with me for a silly reason.

        Whenever an argument on FB appeared, I’d be like “get the popcorn!” haha.
        But once I hate one myself and that was just little less fun!


  3. That is said that you and your friend have lost contact over the years. But as you said, life happens and sometimes it’s best to just move on. I’ve had my fair share of people who I used to be good friends with, talking almost every other day or week, and then these days we don’t keep in contact anymore. It does make me wonder was it worth investing time in these friendships and relationships – I’d say yes because they give me life experiences and lessons learnt. But it doesn’t feel that nice to have a friend go away forever but sometimes the two of you are really just so different and hard to get along – and other things and people are more important.

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    1. I hadn’t known her for that many years but the ending to the friendship was a little bittersweet. I do feel sad realizing we will probably never speak again. However, I’m also grateful for the good memories I have with her. After I cut things off with her, I definitely took some time to think about the friendship overall. I realized besides one major thing that we had in common, we were very different people and I think the friendship was meant to come to a close sooner or later because of that.


      1. Feeling sad realising you probably never speak again is sad 😦 It’s tricky to see what will make a friendship. Sometimes it’s the things you have in common that brings you together, sometimes it’s your personalities, or maybe both.


  4. Yes, I agree, there is sometimes when it is best just to let things go. Then both parties can just move on.
    I have done this myself a couple of times and I may have to do it again. But I am not worrying about it, because I doubt anything will come of it.

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    1. There was a time when I viewed friendships very seriously and for every friendship that ended for one reason or another, I took it very hard. Most of those times I felt heartbroken over the loss and not having that person in my life anymore. But now I understand it’s just a part of life. It’s not possible to remain friends with everyone I have ever known for my whole life. I change, they change, or sometimes it’s just a little of everything like I no longer click with the person as I used to.

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