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Haze of Sadness

I am unable to describe what is wrong with me. Is there anything wrong, actually, or is my mental health tipping back and forth as it is for everyone else out there? The dips in my mood come and go. I just can’t figure out if it’s: A) Self-confidence issues about my future and all…… Continue reading Haze of Sadness

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Bad Habits

Where is the line in the sand between a bad habit and concerning behavior that starts to impact how I live? I have a habit that might be considered disgusting and also harmful to myself. Only I didn’t think of it as actually harmful until today when I was called out for it. I am…… Continue reading Bad Habits

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Messed Up on the Inside

For a long time now I have been alienating myself from those who care about me. Right now I feel so conflicted because I haven’t been totally honest with them. It’s true it is uncomfortable to have those sit-down talks with them because I didn’t grow up comfortable telling them everything and it got harder…… Continue reading Messed Up on the Inside

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Mixed Feelings about Race, Language, and People

Sigh. This post is like a huge garage dump for all my conflicted thoughts on several interrelated matters. I revised the title like 3 times already because I kept delving into other topics from the one topic I wanted to write about. Sometimes it feels like the gap in the generational and cultural differences between…… Continue reading Mixed Feelings about Race, Language, and People

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Bodily Tolerance

I don’t really know where I am going with this post or what kind of main idea I am putting out this time. I almost wanted to write, “To be honest, this week was hard and I was not at my best”, but who am I kidding? Every day is imperfect, with some days being…… Continue reading Bodily Tolerance

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Skin Upkeep

I’ve done poorly with foot hygiene. I paid very little mind to mosturizing my feet and sanitizing my sneakers. Until now. I recently washed the insoles of my shoes, using a fresh toothbrush to scrub with a vigorous lather of soap and water. When everything was washed away, I watched a river of caked on…… Continue reading Skin Upkeep

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Looking Young

It’s my fourth day vacationing in China. Twice so far I got mistaken for being younger than my biological age. I’m not happy about it even though I know another person in my shoes might take the “Oh you look so young” comment as a compliment rather than something bad. My knee-jerk reaction was to…… Continue reading Looking Young

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G2K: Get To Know

These questions were provided by Revenge of Eve. 🙂 GET 2 KNOW is a series of questions giving readers insight into the personal lives of their favorite bloggers. Participation is easy! Create a pingback to this post Answer the following questions honestly Title your post G2K Use the hashtag #g2k If you could change one thing…… Continue reading G2K: Get To Know

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G2K: Get To Know

These questions were provided by Revenge of Eve. 🙂 GET 2 KNOW A series of thought-provoking questions meant to bring the reader up close and personal with their favorite bloggers. Let’s get honest! In what areas of your do you find it hard, to be honest with yourself? About how I don’t tend to reach…… Continue reading G2K: Get To Know

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Failure After Failure

Another bad day. Boo hoo, poor me. Tough luck because everyone is going through something and my problems are not 1 in a billion. I know that so there is no hiding. Except I still do because, what the hell, every time I take a bold step towards change does not mean I can become…… Continue reading Failure After Failure