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Stardust Fairy Power!

I’m not feeling the power of writing much of anything this week. Too many thoughts and feelings going on. I have had weird sporadic periods where I stop stitching for months or weeks because other things take up most of my attention. I guess I am getting back into this groove. Not sure how long it will last.

This cross stitch is called Stardust Fairy and it was a design made by Joan Elliott. The cross stitch pattern chart used to be featured in the DMC USA website as a free PDF download for prospective stitchers, however, it was taken down by those who ran the website. At the time the chart was still available, I printed it out in black ink (because my printer didn’t have color ink) and that served as my only copy of the chart.

Long story short, while restarting this project recently, I noticed it was hard for me to read some of the symbols on the chart since it was in black ink and the original chart had been in full color. I just about lost my mind when I discovered I NEVER saved my own personal copy of the PDF file of the chart I downloaded years ago from the DMC USA website. Luckily, after some poking around Google, I found Joan’s WordPress site and she was kind enough to email me the chart, so now I can reprint another copy in color! 🙂 Yay I’m saved LOL.

I’ve been stitching this pattern for roughly more than a year. I did it on and off, and boy was this a hard stitch, phew. I like a good stitching challenge so that’s why I started it in the first place. I can’t count the number of times I kept messing up on the purple parts by miscounting the placement of one stitch before having to rip everything I already had and redoing it; not to mention realizing how many different shades of purple I needed to make up the whole dress pattern… My first and most recent update for how far I got with the pattern is shown on this post.

This week I made more progress with the fairy’s flowing brown hair, filled in more of her blue top, and started on the sleeve of one of her arms. I was quite excited to do the miniature castle she is holding. Like with the purple dress stitches, I ended up miscounting and tearing almost all the castle stitches out before starting again.


The photo down below is my progress for tonight. 🙂 I had to stop myself from going any further. Stitching is addictive in that way, but I know my own limits. I have to keep my lights on really bright while I’m stitching to minimize my chances of making error stitches. The downside is the glare of the lights can wear on my eyes after an hour or two, especially if I am stitching at night. Taking a break is helpful but I’m not a superwoman and once fatigue sets in, I’m more likely to put in wrong stitches without noticing. I’m most happy about starting on the peachy parts of her skin. She’s finally starting to look like a person! I never thought I would get this far with this pattern.


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