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March Stitch Updates

Spring is finally here, thank goodness. I don’t think I got much cross stitching done. My heart wasn’t as into it after having a lot of real life stuff on my mind lately. I stitched less but never forced myself when I didn’t feel like doing it. My last update posts: February 2019 January 2019…… Continue reading March Stitch Updates

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Stardust Fairy Power!

I’m not feeling the power of writing much of anything this week. Too many thoughts and feelings going on. I have had weird sporadic periods where I stop stitching for months or weeks because other things take up most of my attention. I guess I am getting back into this groove. Not sure how long…… Continue reading Stardust Fairy Power!

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Amateur orchiding

I know I technically just made up a word (orchiding), but it’s my way of describing my everlasting love for phalaenopsis orchid plants. 😍 I currently own 8 orchids and they’re all mini-sized. I would love big regular sized orchid with large blooms but I just have nowhere to put such a large potted plant…… Continue reading Amateur orchiding

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Watching Television Shows

My earliest memories of watching television was at a time I was having a weird transition in grammar school and learning English. I am native to New York (born and raised), however, at home, my parents spoke to me in mostly Mandarin Chinese so my understanding of English was very sparse in kindergarten and first…… Continue reading Watching Television Shows

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My Childhood Creations

I was definitely an artsy kid who liked drawing, making jewelry from plastic beads, and folding origami. I was also a fan of paper crafts; cutting and gluing different colored paper together, decorating them with glitter and stickers, etc. Markers were my favorite thing to write or doodle with. Sadly, most of my childhood works…… Continue reading My Childhood Creations

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Stitching Adventures

It’s been a while since I did an update post on my embroidery projects. If you don’t see update photos for specific wips I have posted about before in the past, it’s either I haven’t made a lot of progress so I didn’t think it warranted an update photo or I haven’t taken a photo…… Continue reading Stitching Adventures