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Strolling by the Sea

Yesterday was a fantastic humid day for walking along the seaside. Good thing I didn’t wear flip-flops as I am prone to do during summer-ish weather. I needed my sneakers for how far I went (I walked for two hours with small breaks in-between), and flip-flops would’ve definitely put a serious strain on my feet after such a long distance.

Not much to see here, unfortunately. Except for the blue sea.
Really random graffiti that someone spray painted. I thought it looked strangely charming. I guess it’s a one-eyed alien?

There were lots of weeds growing nearly, but the flowers they produced were pretty.

White clover
The twin of the white clover, except it’s called a red clover. My nail color kinda matches the flower color. 🙂
White campion
The side view of a white campion. Such a unique shape!
This is not a very clear picture, but it’s the only one I have of a very elusive seagull, lol. I’m always surprised by how big these birds are. This one seemed to be the same size as a small dog.

9 thoughts on “Strolling by the Sea

  1. Sounds like such a nice, peaceful walk! I like long walks, too (LOL for some reason makes me think, “Wink, I like long walks on the beach, too, wink wink”). As you probably know, I’ve been reading a lot of Jane Austen lately and I like that these people just meet up and go on leisurely strolls together or walk into town and all that.

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    1. Peaceful, long walks are my jam! 😀 It was not a very romantic visual though since I was sweating buckets and alternating between speed walking and going at a slower pace. Walks are definitely a simple but nice way to explore.

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 The weird thing is I used to be crazy about doing my nails when I was a kid and then stopped doing it. Last year I randomly bought that purple polish color and never used it. But I’m glad I finally did.


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