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Step Into The Light

In a world where the sun lights up the sky each day, sometimes I forget to be grateful for such a miracle, such beauty that cannot be replicated by man. I only seem to remember what I am losing on the days that glittering sphere is tucked behind thick clouds as an overhead of dreary…… Continue reading Step Into The Light

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Strolling by the Sea

Yesterday was a fantastic humid day for walking along the seaside. Good thing I didn’t wear flip-flops as I am prone to do during summer-ish weather. I needed my sneakers for how far I went (I walked for two hours with small breaks in-between), and flip-flops would’ve definitely put a serious strain on my feet…… Continue reading Strolling by the Sea

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Backyard surprises

It’s finally April and many plants are just starting to poke through the top of the soil with new shoots. I was not expecting to see any flowers yet but did find some early surprises. Also, a random fun fact about pussy willow branches are they’re used as decoration for the Lunar New Year celebration…… Continue reading Backyard surprises

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Yellow tinted queen

Nature is what I need today. This is a photo of a yellow tree peony in full bloom from last summer. I’m surprised I never shared it, I remember being wowed by it. Coincidentally, the last flower photo I shared on my blog was also yellow. I swear that wasn’t on purpose, lol. I hope…… Continue reading Yellow tinted queen

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Orchid head

This is a flower head from one of my mini phalaenopsis orchids. I would have liked it to stay on its branch but the plant took a tumble from the table a few days earlier and unfortunately a flower snapped off. 😢 I wanted to take a snapshot to commemorate its beauty before it wilted…… Continue reading Orchid head

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I am here with my many breaths. Tonight I watch families of snowflakes parachuting from the clouds to join their brethren. Sometimes my own strength is irksome, in that a simple sneeze from me can become a strong, hearty gust or my coughs come out as short, slapping whirls of air. The little flurry tufts, gracefully…… Continue reading Troublemaker