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Once and Never Again

It was a Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day when I got back from my weekend trip to the Pocono Mountains. I made a morning stop into lower Manhattan. It was nice and vacant; people were only beginning to fill up the streets as the hour rolled on. After dropping off a donation at a…… Continue reading Once and Never Again

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Prompt: Memorable Interaction With a Stranger

This prompt originates from this list. Write about a memorable interaction with a stranger. As I was groping through my memories for a good story for this post, I laughed thinking about a particularly humiliating incident that, looking back, is pretty hilarious. I remember with crystal clear accuracy that it was the end of my…… Continue reading Prompt: Memorable Interaction With a Stranger

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Sad Eyes

I am terrible at reading people’s emotions just by looking into their eyes. I attribute this to my poor social skills. However, once in a while I see someone and my gaze locks with theirs, and for whatever reason, it is not uncomfortable for me to maintain this eye contact for more than three seconds.…… Continue reading Sad Eyes