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Stealth in Spontaneity

The title of this post is a joke on myself. I’m the last person in the world who is suave and composed when it comes to being spontaneous. I always got the drop in my stomach during my school years whenever the teacher would calmly announce, “Now, I want you guys to pair off” or…… Continue reading Stealth in Spontaneity

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5 Socially Awkward Things

For better or worse, I got through today. Along the way some random (and maybe embarrassing?) stuff happened. Oh well because I’m socially awkward. Owning up to this part of myself feels lighthearted and funny because I can see the humor in the situations I was in. It’s so drastically different from how I feel…… Continue reading 5 Socially Awkward Things

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Sad Eyes

I am terrible at reading people’s emotions just by looking into their eyes. I attribute this to my poor social skills. However, once in a while I see someone and my gaze locks with theirs, and for whatever reason, it is not uncomfortable for me to maintain this eye contact for more than three seconds.…… Continue reading Sad Eyes

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A Very Simple Interaction

This Thursday was the most unusual day of this week I’ve had because of the number of times in one day that I was approached by strangers for help. I’ve spent half my life avoiding the simplest of interactions just so I don’t have to talk to anyone. Sometimes I push myself to get through…… Continue reading A Very Simple Interaction