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Deleting Facebook?

I have thought about what might happen if I deleted my Facebook account. I would no longer have easy access to photos, updates, and communication with people on my friends list. That would be of little consequence to me as I can only count on one hand how many “friends” I might actually be afraid…… Continue reading Deleting Facebook?

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My Pet Peeves

As I do see myself as a person of tolerance and I try hard not to begrudge people for being different or not conforming to what mainstream society deems is appropriate, I’m also a person that has her own standards of what I don’t like tolerating because it’s annoying or rude (in my opinion). It’s…… Continue reading My Pet Peeves

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My Superstitions

I am definitely a believer in some superstitions, while with others I either don’t believe in at all or I take with a grain of salt but I am curious about whether there’s any truth to it. When I was a young child, I pointed at the full moon during a quiet evening on the…… Continue reading My Superstitions