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Accepting My Anxiety…

Often I get swept away by my own compulsions and judgments in situations. I respond to my own anxious thoughts by trying to suppress them, to pretend they are not there and I’m not feeling those twisted emotions. Shoving it into the ground of my subconscious, dousing it in flames, smashing it into bits and…… Continue reading Accepting My Anxiety…

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Noticing the Small Things

Not feeling so great with my life today, so I wanted to do this writing exercise to slow down and take note of the small things around me. The hope I have is that by doing this, I can help myself to focus on simpler matters and free up my mind. *My hair has a…… Continue reading Noticing the Small Things

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My Pet Peeves

As I do see myself as a person of tolerance and I try hard not to begrudge people for being different or not conforming to what mainstream society deems is appropriate, I’m also a person that has her own standards of what I don’t like tolerating because it’s annoying or rude (in my opinion). It’s…… Continue reading My Pet Peeves

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Really Random Writing

Well… Before anyone gets confused reading the below text and is left wondering, “What in the heck did I just read? It sounds like a bunch of nonsense!” just let me say that I too have no idea what I was going for when I typed all this up. Haha, a writer who wrote something…… Continue reading Really Random Writing

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Behind the Closed Door

A closed door doesn’t have to be a scary thing, but to me, it is because I don’t know what will be there when I open it. People say that when one door closes in your life, another one will open. When I get a new opportunity or chance, I still don’t want to open…… Continue reading Behind the Closed Door

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Shadow For a Day

Being someone else’s shadow for a day might be an exciting experience as I wouldn’t know what to expect. When I was a kid, there was a time I felt a little alarmed if I ever saw my own shadow being stepped on by someone else. The sight was unsettling to me; almost as if…… Continue reading Shadow For a Day

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A Chaotic Situation

Chaos, to me, can be defined as something incredibly noisy or distracting in my environment that causes me to feel panic or unsettled. It’s common to hear a child wailing at the top of his or her lungs in public. On the subway, in a store, at the park, in a library, etc. Usually the…… Continue reading A Chaotic Situation

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Soul Searching & Pushing Myself

There’s no easy way to rise to the challenges of life. I still feel like my social anxiety somewhat handicaps me and keeps me from functioning to the fullest in certain situations, but I’m done saying, “I can’t” for some situations where I am scared and want to avoid what is making me scared. I…… Continue reading Soul Searching & Pushing Myself

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Prompt: How I Found My Way Back

This prompt originates from this list. Write about how you found your way back. This was in a New Jersey mall I went to with my parents and brother. We were driven there by my cousins’ mother. What I remember most was goofing around with my cousins and my brother in a toy store playing…… Continue reading Prompt: How I Found My Way Back

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Looks Are Deceiving

To judge someone by looks alone is unfair. It’s hard not to when the most immediate way to gauge a person is by looking at him/her and taking in their facial features and other physical attributes. It can be incredibly inaccurate the way my mind perceives someone with certain looks whom I deem to be…… Continue reading Looks Are Deceiving