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Attracting Attention

Today I donated 50+ DVDs to a bookstore. Getting the items to their destination required carrying them by hand. I had just the thing to fit all of them; a huge blue reusable bag. It looks similar to those tote bags used for retail shopping at grocery and convenience stores, except I got mine as…… Continue reading Attracting Attention

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Once and Never Again

It was a Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day when I got back from my weekend trip to the Pocono Mountains. I made a morning stop into lower Manhattan. It was nice and vacant; people were only beginning to fill up the streets as the hour rolled on. After dropping off a donation at a…… Continue reading Once and Never Again

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Familiar Face

Today’s hot! Again the temperature has climbed to 90 in New York after a few cooler days of 80ish weather (except Friday, when it was such a heat wave outside even some local libraries closed early!). I don’t know what I was thinking sitting down on some concrete steps in a public park area. Mainly…… Continue reading Familiar Face

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Forgivable Indiscretion

Waiting for the subway to pull up on the platform, my heart sinks whenever the train begins slowing down and I can see the individual cars are packed with passengers. Ugh. Such is the fate of the subways during the early morning rush and also in the late afternoon when half the city seems to…… Continue reading Forgivable Indiscretion

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To Say Hello or Not

I wonder if this is something everyone goes through or only certain people like me based on the geographic and demographic factors of where they live in the world. Perhaps it’s not about the environment of the surroundings that a person is in but the comfort level of the person. Walking down a familiar street…… Continue reading To Say Hello or Not