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Hanging Out Alone

Is it wrong to hang out alone? I’m still mostly a solitary person these days, though I’ve been trying to make a better effort to spend more quality time with my mom. Just a few days ago I worked up the courage to casually tell her about the Macy’s Flower Show at Herald Square to…… Continue reading Hanging Out Alone

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Power and Control

I have never liked being a leader of anything. I am thoroughly uncomfortable being in a position of power where I’m the one in control, plus the added perceived pressure of being judged on my performance level. I enjoyed¬†riding my bike as a young child. I remember it took me forever to learn how to…… Continue reading Power and Control

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Obsessions in Childhood & Adulthood

I can’t tell the difference between being passionate and being obsessed, probably because I have yet to find a drive in life that I feel passionate about. Or maybe I have and I assume it’s an obsession. Who knows. At varying points in my life, I’ve had an assortment of obsessions, with most being cast…… Continue reading Obsessions in Childhood & Adulthood

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Pocketful of Sunshine

Most of what I’ve discussed on my blog is in relation to social anxiety. It only makes sense to talk about one of my greatest hobbies, cross stitch¬†embroidery, which helps me to relax and bring out my inner creativity. You could say cross stitch is my virtual pocketful of sunshine on a rainy, cold day.…… Continue reading Pocketful of Sunshine

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Say Something

One constant adversary is when I sometimes withdraw verbally if I feel anxious, sad, upset, or unsure, and either I don’t talk unless necessary or not don’t talk at all. I know this reaction that I have comes from my social anxiety, but it’s also because of my low self-esteem. When I feel triggered by…… Continue reading Say Something

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Texting vs. talking face-to-face

This has been a dilemma I’ve teetered between for a long time. I definitely have chosen to text/message friends and family if I feel it’s too hard for me to talk about certain topics face-to-face. Sometimes sending that one text helps as a stepping stone to starting a conversation that I wouldn’t mind continuing face-to-face…… Continue reading Texting vs. talking face-to-face

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These past few weeks, I started a new job at a doctor’s office doing training in medical billing work. It’s unpaid. I only made the effort to try this job because my mother’s friend referred me to the position, and apparently, the way they hire is to accept employees as volunteers first before hiring them…… Continue reading Decisions