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Spots in My Memory

I am a frequent user of the Spotify app on my phone. I love that the program allows me to create custom playlists of songs I enjoy. While I typically use Spotify on my phone, I also have it on my desktop computer. Yesterday I happened to have it open while I was busy on…… Continue reading Spots in My Memory

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Mistakes About Pets

This is a hard, hard topic. My household has never been a fit environment for pets. In childhood, my brother had tadpoles that lasted days in a tank before they died. My dad bought them for him knowing they wouldn’t last but he did it anyway just to satisfy my brother’s whims. I remember being…… Continue reading Mistakes About Pets

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Temporary Inconveniences

The flow of my words can come out endlessly like a nonstop river. Other days I squeeze out a few droplets and those are the posts I keep in my drafts section, unfinished and set aside for when I’m ready to expand on those topics. I feel I write best during times I’m completely focused…… Continue reading Temporary Inconveniences

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Restroom Introvert

Well. Judging from the post title, this may not be a topic you want to read about. I don’t intend to gross people out with descriptions, but if you find discussion on bodily functions in restrooms to be revolting, this is your chance to hit the back button now. I’m lucky that I have always…… Continue reading Restroom Introvert

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Of Times Past

It’s been quite some time since I’ve stayed in my cousin’s room. Or rather, former room since she no longer lives with her parents. Her old bed has fresh sheets, courtesy of her mom, as I am a guest in the home tonight. I get buzzes of familarity from seeing childhood belongings of hers. Collages…… Continue reading Of Times Past

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Peculiar Injuries

Luckily, I have never suffered major injuries, like a broken bone or a fracture in my skull. I can’t imagine what the recovery period for those kinds of injuries is like, but for those who lived through it, it is amazing how people’s bodies can bounce back from such things. I would say what I…… Continue reading Peculiar Injuries

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Secrets I Kept

Keeping secrets can come with a burden if they weigh on my conscience heavily, however, today I am sharing a few secrets that I haven’t thought about for a while. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious like a skeleton in my closet. 😵 Hoarding a gift – I was in first grade and didn’t like…… Continue reading Secrets I Kept