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A Brief Respite from Stress, Sorta

I think I had too much coffee yesterday afternoon so the caffeine is still circulating in my system. Voila, I am insomniac and wide awake! I’ve reached that point in the college semester where everything feels like I am trying to hold it all together but I am also so burnt out from the endless…… Continue reading A Brief Respite from Stress, Sorta

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Get Through This

I’ve not gone out in the last 3-4 days. That’s an estimate since I lost count as the days are slowly blending into one another. The only real schedule I am on is the days and times I have my online classes from Mondays to Thursdays. Most of my courses still meet virtually (on Blackboard…… Continue reading Get Through This

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Better Late Than Never?

I really have no idea where I am going with this post. I needed a space to decompress the mixed emotions I am going through in the present, while once again reflecting on past echoes of childhood discontentment. In the boring saga of the latest chapter of my life, I went in today to do…… Continue reading Better Late Than Never?

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New Experiences

My time in China is almost up!! Today I left the hotel in Xiamen to travel back to Beijing. Another 3-hour flight and then I’ll stay overnight at an airport hotel before boarding the plane for New York the next morning at 9 AM. Ugh I am not looking forward to the 13-hour flight to…… Continue reading New Experiences

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A Mundane Today (Or Not?)

Ever have one of those days where you feel like you haven’t done anything special or out of the ordinary? This is how I feel today of all days, even though how I feel about my non-accomplishments is probably the opposite of what actually took place. I am falling into the pit of filtering out…… Continue reading A Mundane Today (Or Not?)

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Prompt: A Time I Was Mistaken

This prompt originates from this list. Write about a time you realize you were mistaken. This prompt answer will be short and sweet (or not sweet, once you read what this prompt is about 🙂 ). One morning while I was still bleary-eyed from getting up for school, I went into the kitchen for breakfast.…… Continue reading Prompt: A Time I Was Mistaken

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Looks Are Deceiving

To judge someone by looks alone is unfair. It’s hard not to when the most immediate way to gauge a person is by looking at him/her and taking in their facial features and other physical attributes. It can be incredibly inaccurate the way my mind perceives someone with certain looks whom I deem to be…… Continue reading Looks Are Deceiving

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Outdoorsy Ramblings

I have arrived for my gardening shift at a park. There is enough time to sit down, eat a snack, and allow relief to sink into my lungs. Usually, I arrive about 15 minutes before a scheduled thing, or I end up a few minutes late. Both things give me anxiety. Today I am too…… Continue reading Outdoorsy Ramblings