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The Liebster Award 2018

I would like to thank A Rambling Collective, Reina, and Andrea for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I am flattered and I’m grateful for the opportunity to answer your questions plus nominate other awesome blogs for this award too! The Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you. Share 11 facts about yourself. Answer 11…… Continue reading The Liebster Award 2018

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The Liebster Award 2x

I’m tardy to the party again. ­čśŽ I was nominated last year for the Liebster Award by TeeAnn Ngoloyi and also by Teenagegirlxoxo. Thank you to both of you! I’m unsure if there are any official rules for what to do if a blogger receives a nomination twice in roughly the same month (July 2017),…… Continue reading The Liebster Award 2x

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This post has been sitting in my drafts section since about November 2016 and I have been slowly working to complete it over time. Now it’s finally done! I am accepting the Liebster Award, which I have Emily┬áto thank for since she nominated me. It never entered the scope of my mind, when I was…… Continue reading Applause