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Restroom Introvert

Well. Judging from the post title, this may not be a topic you want to read about. I don’t intend to gross people out with descriptions, but if you find discussion on bodily functions in restrooms to be revolting, this is your chance to hit the back button now. I’m lucky that I have always…… Continue reading Restroom Introvert

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Forgivable Indiscretion

Waiting for the subway to pull up on the platform, my heart sinks whenever the train begins slowing down and I can see the individual cars are packed with passengers. Ugh. Such is the fate of the subways during the early morning rush and also in the late afternoon when half the city seems to…… Continue reading Forgivable Indiscretion

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5 Socially Awkward Things

For better or worse, I got through today. Along the way some random (and maybe embarrassing?) stuff happened. Oh well because I’m socially awkward. Owning up to this part of myself feels lighthearted and funny because I can see the humor in the situations I was in. It’s so drastically different from how I feel…… Continue reading 5 Socially Awkward Things

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Random Acts of Silliness

I’ve been raw and serious about the crappier side of my struggles, but here’s to giving myself a break as I recall a few times I did something silly without taking it too seriously. I think those silly moments are a healthy reminder during worse times that life doesn’t always suck. *That time I…realized why…… Continue reading Random Acts of Silliness