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Not Explaining Myself to Others

Well. I became aware of a facet of one of my personal habits that I wasn’t aware of before. Sound confusing? Yeah. It’s like being so used to behaving a certain way in certain situations and not realizing my own behavior caused a disconnect between me and whoever I was communicating with. Firstly I would…… Continue reading Not Explaining Myself to Others

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Real or Perceived Judgment

Man, I hate social anxiety. So many times this year I’ve felt like I’m just barely scraping by and being crushed under the weight of other people’s judgment of me. I’m aware there have been more than a handful of times I most likely blew the situation out of proportion in my mind or upped…… Continue reading Real or Perceived Judgment

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A Good Lie

Yesterday evening I had dinner with some rich folks in China. It was so not my comfort zone for a variety of reasons: I had to go over their house (before the dinner) I didn’t know them They spoke in a different dialect (which I don’t understand) Awkwardness Most of all, I know I tolerated…… Continue reading A Good Lie

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G2K: Get to Know

I’m late again with having skipped G2K for several weeks again. XD I guess I will be putting these up on a more infrequent basis. Completing one per week is a bit hard as I’m so forgetful! These questions were provided by Revenge of Eve. 🙂 G2K is a series of questions intended to bring the…… Continue reading G2K: Get to Know

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Of Times Past

It’s been quite some time since I’ve stayed in my cousin’s room. Or rather, former room since she no longer lives with her parents. Her old bed has fresh sheets, courtesy of her mom, as I am a guest in the home tonight. I get buzzes of familarity from seeing childhood belongings of hers. Collages…… Continue reading Of Times Past

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Changing Ideals

I have been heavily influenced by ideals of who I wanted to be or what other people wanted me to be, whether those were things I perceived people wished for me or they told me outright. This is a weird place to start, but as a child, I wanted to be a bride and become…… Continue reading Changing Ideals

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Upset Over Stupid Things

I’m still doing poorly at times with managing my anxiety. I get upset when the change starts blooming inside me. It can happen on a subconscious level without me even realizing there has been a shift in my mood. Or maybe I do recognize it but I don’t know how to seize control of what…… Continue reading Upset Over Stupid Things

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Sons & Daughters

One of the hardest questions to answer: “Which is better, a son or a daughter?” The question alone comes across as insensitive, despite that it’s unavoidable that for some people, there is that preference to have a child of one gender over the other. Just the idea of gender is a whole can of complexities…… Continue reading Sons & Daughters