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Repetitive Dreaming

I thought I left this repetitive dream behind in 2018 because since the new year, I haven’t dreamt of it again. Until this morning. The dream always had an old feel to it. Nostalgia, perhaps, in a wretched way that was both a wish for things to have stayed as they were and for things…… Continue reading Repetitive Dreaming

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Weird Forgotten Dream

Being asleep is like drifting in midair not really feeling my actual physical body but the emotions and thoughts I experience are felt more intensely. Falling back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night is like being gently covered with a blanket, except I’m not aware of when the blanket goes on…… Continue reading Weird Forgotten Dream

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Recurring Dreams I’ve Had

I don’t know how to read my dreams or understanding the meaning behind the recurring ones I have had throughout different periods in my life. As a teenager, I messed around on the internet on some “dream interpretation” website, which had a blank box I could write details about my dream and then click a…… Continue reading Recurring Dreams I’ve Had