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Another Day Gone

Nighttime has come; the end of another day gone. I’m tired; it seems my body habitually goes into low battery mode after a stressful event. Hours ago I met with a professor on Zoom to discuss a possible research project idea that I am interested in pursuing under his mentorship. I have never been this…… Continue reading Another Day Gone

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“Me” Problems

I’m not at my best today. I’m tired, but not really in the usual physical sense of being so exhausted I just want to collapse into bed and drift off into sleep. I slept okay, actually. My joints are a bit tighter and there’s a slight tension in my muscles because yesterday I was working…… Continue reading “Me” Problems

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So, last night my brain did the thing where I couldn’t stop thinking about a certain something and that drove me into the dark corner of lying in bed tossing and turning and caught in between¬†wakefulness and exhaustion. Becoming trapped in that obsessive circle feels like a big deal when I’m in it. Who can…… Continue reading Insecurities

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Facing the Unexpected

No one can ever be prepared for the future, right? Anything could happen in an instant. Someone spills coffee on you by accident. You forget that one thing you meant to bring with you after leaving the house and now you have to backtrack to get it. A public altercation¬†breaks out on the street, what…… Continue reading Facing the Unexpected

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Crazed Nightmare & Seeing Myself As I Am

This morning, I had the most horrible nightmare. It is my worst one to date, I think. I don’t know if this is just me, but the nightmares I have during morning hours (like 7-9 AMish) are more vivid and I’m able to remember them more easily after I wake up. The whole time in…… Continue reading Crazed Nightmare & Seeing Myself As I Am

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Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

There was a light snow this morning. Because it rained earlier, the ground was wet and so the snow did not stick or the little bit that did quickly melted away. It was a bit of a disappointment that the snow didn’t pile up. I miss smelling the scent of rain wafting in through my…… Continue reading Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

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Book Chatter & Second Thoughts

Yesterday was rainy but the temperature was fantastic at a high 58. I finally took my much-needed walk to the library to return some overdue books. Haha, oops. My fines were up to like six dollars because I had two books I couldn’t renew online anymore as there were other people who put them on…… Continue reading Book Chatter & Second Thoughts

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Not Ready Yet

There are many challenges, big and small, to take on. Every day is different. Life can sometimes be a comfy sofa but it can’t always be like that. I understand I have the potential for more. Pushing myself means gaining more experience, being able to see a situation in a new light, and learning to…… Continue reading Not Ready Yet

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Too Self-Absorbed

I get so caught up in my own thoughts that I kind of stop caring for the people around me. It isn’t just regular thoughts but bad ones. Worry over this, anxiety over that. The wheel with a continuing churn to it. I feel so distracted that a casual face-to-face conversation with someone holds little…… Continue reading Too Self-Absorbed