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Passing On Messages / Being Asked for Help

I never enjoy passing on messages for other people. Firstly, the immediate response I always have is a casual, “Sure, okay”, even though I’m screaming on the inside, “NOO, I don’t want to do it! NO!” The affirmative words always come out like an instant cue where I am compelled to give a reply right…… Continue reading Passing On Messages / Being Asked for Help

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Procrastination & Odd Quirks

I lightly tidied up the table beside my desktop computer for the first time in months. A bit odd to realize that the mess of papers and books were in the same exact spots they were in as 2017 came to a close. Habitually, I do tend to have things laying around. I might take…… Continue reading Procrastination & Odd Quirks

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Calendars & Days Gone By

Is it really only Tuesday? I feel like it should be Wednesday, the last day of January. I am usually good at keeping track of the days by looking at the date on my computer or phone. Maybe I’m just really eager on a subconscious level for January to be done with. The calendar page for…… Continue reading Calendars & Days Gone By

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Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

There was a light snow this morning. Because it rained earlier, the ground was wet and so the snow did not stick or the little bit that did quickly melted away. It was a bit of a disappointment that the snow didn’t pile up. I miss smelling the scent of rain wafting in through my…… Continue reading Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

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My Daily Habits

A habit can be a good or bad thing depending on what type it is and forming new habits can be easy or hard. Then there the habits that I don’t really see as good or bad and they’re just things I do on the daily basis because I feel like it, lol. My habits…… Continue reading My Daily Habits