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Recall the Moment

Life is chaos. The times I have been completely at ease, content in being where I am with no rush or disturbance knocking at my door, are few and far between. Sometimes that utter euphoria lasts seconds, or minutes, or just an hour or two. It’s nice to have those moments where I forget who…… Continue reading Recall the Moment

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Not So Great Expectations

It’s insomnia o’clock for me again. Yay. 😑 I feel some of my more recent posts are indicative of the sorry mental state I’ve been in. There is still a lot up in the air that I haven’t chosen to write about yet. The good news is what is keeping me awake is something I’ll…… Continue reading Not So Great Expectations

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Stresses of Registering for a School

I have roughly eight days of vacancy before I start my first day of school in a 4-week training program to become a certified Home health aide (HHA). I did not enjoy researching online about classes… It was a hit and miss of looking at several places that could potentially be “it” for me. Of…… Continue reading Stresses of Registering for a School

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Too Self-Absorbed

I get so caught up in my own thoughts that I kind of stop caring for the people around me. It isn’t just regular thoughts but bad ones. Worry over this, anxiety over that. The wheel with a continuing churn to it. I feel so distracted that a casual face-to-face conversation with someone holds little…… Continue reading Too Self-Absorbed

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Completing Small Accomplishments

For once I’m in a good mood after accomplishing several small things today. I didn’t really have the things on a mental to-do list but simply did them. Sounds simple, right? Nope. It can be a challenge to get myself into the mindset of “You can do it!” Believe me, I suck at it and…… Continue reading Completing Small Accomplishments

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A good day with some bumps in the road

Yesterday was an overall good day, I think. I attended a social anxiety group meet up in Bryant Park to see Broadway musical shorts. Andrew was the host for the day. Annelise and I had already RSVPed several days prior. Some other people RSVPed too, but only one other person showed up to hang out.…… Continue reading A good day with some bumps in the road