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50 Great Things

I was going to name this post, “50 Things That Make Me Happy” or “50 Things That Make Me Feel Good”, but both titles are exceedingly long. Also, I have come to realize that I don’t know wtf it actually means to “be happy” because it’s such a general term so I will settle for this…… Continue reading 50 Great Things

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My Favorite Season: Spring!

I’m in for the long haul as winter is only just beginning, though I have the assurance that my favorite season, spring, will eventually come next year.     The best satisfaction I get from spring is coming out of hibernation and cracking open my windows and let fresh air in for the whole day. Aaah.…… Continue reading My Favorite Season: Spring!

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My Daily Habits

A habit can be a good or bad thing depending on what type it is and forming new habits can be easy or hard. Then there the habits that I don’t really see as good or bad and they’re just things I do on the daily basis because I feel like it, lol. My habits…… Continue reading My Daily Habits

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Life’s Randomness

Where am I going with this random post? I don’t know. Life and all that jazz, I suppose? It’s not really a journal entry, in my opinion, so hence the unusual title. December is not my month. It snowed all day yesterday for the first time in my area in New York. I have a…… Continue reading Life’s Randomness

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A Special Piece of Jewelry

It has been a while since I’ve worn a piece of jewelry. I sometimes wear a pair of earrings once in a blue moon, but typically I forget to put any jewelry at all if I am going out. As a young girl, I wore multiple bracelets on my wrists. It was never a matter…… Continue reading A Special Piece of Jewelry

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Hiding My Ethnic Background?? 😵

I have never attempted to “pass” as another ethnic background than the one I identify as, though there was most certainly a time when I hated the background I came from. I dislike the association that still persists in some places in the world that a non-white person is a foreigner. Yeah, I have a…… Continue reading Hiding My Ethnic Background?? 😵

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Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory was many, many years ago when I was still a loyal believer in Santa Claus. I wrote a letter to him that I hid under some books, and to my shock, I later found a typed up note in my room that he wrote. In my naivete, I really thought he…… Continue reading Favorite Christmas Memory