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Recall the Moment

Life is chaos. The times I have been completely at ease, content in being where I am with no rush or disturbance knocking at my door, are few and far between. Sometimes that utter euphoria lasts seconds, or minutes, or just an hour or two. It’s nice to have those moments where I forget who…… Continue reading Recall the Moment

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Cooldown Mode

In my eyes, mid-August was the pinnacle of summer’s intensity. For quite a few days, it was so hot that walking for a few blocks had me sweating right from the getgo even with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and loose clothing. After sundown hours wasn’t much help either. Often I saved my shower as the…… Continue reading Cooldown Mode

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Happy Belated 4th

My 4th of July didn’t go as expected. Life can change so easily in a blink of an eye. I was so sure in my last post that things would go accordingly as I was picturing they would. How many times have I been here before, with my inaccurate fortune telling? I should know better…… Continue reading Happy Belated 4th

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A Beach Day

As the winter chill slowly creeps in November, one thing I occasionally daydream about is spending a hot summer day lounging or walking along the beach. I am not much of a swimsuit or bikini girl, and even the times I’ve worn one, I usually wear a tank top or miniskirt over it out of…… Continue reading A Beach Day

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A Day of Summer in Solitude

Technically summer is almost over since September 22 was the first day of fall, but the weather in NYC is still pretty humid on some days. Such as today. I was sweating my butt off walking to the train station this afternoon and it was gross, however, I prefer to be hot than cold. Yesterday…… Continue reading A Day of Summer in Solitude