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Nervous Energy

I’m tired and have an early work day tomorrow morning so this post will be a short one. I had Thursday and Friday off from work due to the Thanksgiving holiday but otherwise, I did not celebrate it. Having days off was nice though. For once I didn’t have to set my alarm to wake…… Continue reading Nervous Energy

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Speaking Nerves

This post will be kind of different. If you clicked the audio link within this post, you’ll hear my voice reading along with what is written here. I’m in the midst of recovering from a cold and have been especially prone lately to an itchy throat that comes out as a dry cough. I hope…… Continue reading Speaking Nerves

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Spotlight Effect

I have a packed day tomorrow that involves a lot of “peopling” and I have high hopes that I can do it. I felt somewhat stressed about all of it. To give my mind a break from thinking so hard, I read this lighthearted article that had a round-up of advice given by people on…… Continue reading Spotlight Effect

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Scared by an Icebreaker Question

I have never liked icebreaker questions. My fear of them stems from my school years where the activity always came up as the teacher’s method of making everyone “get to know each other”. Icebreaker questions are meant to be non-threatening and a casual, fun way for people to interact with one another, but being that…… Continue reading Scared by an Icebreaker Question

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Red & Blushing

I get red in the face very easily. In the past when my cheeks burned with embarrassment or due to nervousness, I would not acknowledge it at all. That usually worsened things because I might look for ridiculous ways to hide my physical ailment, like my infamous fidgeting, which only made my blushing more apparent…… Continue reading Red & Blushing