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Early Bird

The first day getting back to New York on Tuesday morning, I pretty much felt fine with the shift in time zone until about 3 PM when I started getting very tired. Eating an oatmeal dinner at 5 PM, by then I could barely keep my eyes open! I can’t believe I was dozing off…… Continue reading Early Bird

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Picture Madness

One day in the lobby of the hotel in Xiamen, I looked over my dad’s shoulder as he browsed his phone gallery for photos of our house to show my mom’s old school friend. The interior of the living room was not the focal point in some photos where people were most visible. When a…… Continue reading Picture Madness

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New Experiences

My time in China is almost up!! Today I left the hotel in Xiamen to travel back to Beijing. Another 3-hour flight and then I’ll stay overnight at an airport hotel before boarding the plane for New York the next morning at 9 AM. Ugh I am not looking forward to the 13-hour flight to…… Continue reading New Experiences

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A Good Lie

Yesterday evening I had dinner with some rich folks in China. It was so not my comfort zone for a variety of reasons: I had to go over their house (before the dinner) I didn’t know them They spoke in a different dialect (which I don’t understand) Awkwardness Most of all, I know I tolerated…… Continue reading A Good Lie

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Cultural Differences

It’s day 8 since I came to to Beijing, China for a 10-day vacation. I started writing this post yesterday while waiting for a flight to Xiamen. It only took 3 hours to get there, thankfully. Being part of a tour guide group for the first 5 days in China, the sights I saw were…… Continue reading Cultural Differences

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Looking Young

It’s my fourth day vacationing in China. Twice so far I got mistaken for being younger than my biological age. I’m not happy about it even though I know another person in my shoes might take the “Oh you look so young” comment as a compliment rather than something bad. My knee-jerk reaction was to…… Continue reading Looking Young

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Flight Ready?

Here I am, about to go on my first plane in more than 10 years. I’m headed for Beijing, China. The getting to the airport part started out fine this afternoon. I even thought how fluffy and tuft the clouds looked was an indicator that only good things were to come. Sure, the taxi driver…… Continue reading Flight Ready?

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Forgivable Indiscretion

Waiting for the subway to pull up on the platform, my heart sinks whenever the train begins slowing down and I can see the individual cars are packed with passengers. Ugh. Such is the fate of the subways during the early morning rush and also in the late afternoon when half the city seems to…… Continue reading Forgivable Indiscretion

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Amusements For a Day

My physical and mental fuel reserves were wiped out to capacity from yesterday’s all-day family outing I participated in. Both my mind and body worked so hard to fight the anxiety, except I didn’t feel the aftereffects of it until today. My mom’s younger brother had come back to New York with her after their…… Continue reading Amusements For a Day

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Traveling with Family

For the weekend before Memorial Day, I packed for a three-day trip to the Pocono Mountains where I stayed in a cabin at the Arrowhead Lake community. This was the first vacation I have taken with my parents in years, in addition to my brother plus his girlfriend, Bree. So much anxiety, ugh. Because it…… Continue reading Traveling with Family