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Happy Belated 4th

My 4th of July didn’t go as expected. Life can change so easily in a blink of an eye. I was so sure in my last post that things would go accordingly as I was picturing they would. How many times have I been here before, with my inaccurate fortune telling? I should know better…… Continue reading Happy Belated 4th

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Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

Growing up, I watched Dateline and those true crime exposé shows like Snapped and Deadly Women. I was drawn in by the dramatic style of how those real-life stories were presented, though the reenactments were my least favorite. It was fascinating to sometimes see real interviews from people who knew the murderers on a personal level. Some…… Continue reading Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

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Bugs, Bugs, & More Bugs

Bugs have never excited me too much. My first hair-raising encounter with a bug many years ago as a child was not a good one. It’s so bad that the memory stayed with me even now! What happened was a regular night in my home, where I was getting ready for bed. I was done…… Continue reading Bugs, Bugs, & More Bugs