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Better Left Unsaid?

It was a snowy day. Usually I don’t get the chance to do the shoveling since someone in my household always gets to it before me. But I was on my own today and I thought, Why not. An inch of snow already covered the ground as I worked on the area at the foot…… Continue reading Better Left Unsaid?

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Disinterest in Other People

I would not go as far to say I don’t have a desire for human interaction, or that I believe forming online friendships is enough for me. It’s more like I am disconnected from the relationships I “should” be having based on what I see other people around me have. I don’t know if that…… Continue reading Disinterest in Other People

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Upset Over Stupid Things

I’m still doing poorly at times with managing my anxiety. I get upset when the change starts blooming inside me. It can happen on a subconscious level without me even realizing there has been a shift in my mood. Or maybe I do recognize it but I don’t know how to seize control of what…… Continue reading Upset Over Stupid Things

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Stillness & Meditation

I have been sitting for most of the day. The lack of stimuli is not necessarily bad. I find even when my surroundings are quiet, the hub of my mind never shuts up as the human brain to constantly thinking and moving onto new and old ideas. It’s both typical and confounding. Was my mind…… Continue reading Stillness & Meditation

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Yellow tinted queen

Nature is what I need today. This is a photo of a yellow tree peony in full bloom from last summer. I’m surprised I never shared it, I remember being wowed by it. Coincidentally, the last flower photo I shared on my blog was also yellow. I swear that wasn’t on purpose, lol. I hope…… Continue reading Yellow tinted queen

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Alone Time

In a world where I’m never truly alone because someone is in some proximity to me, whether it’s a person walking down the street outside my home or the people I live with happen to be around, I still feel pretty alone. My disposition towards preferring solitude is a complicated matter. It’s one where I…… Continue reading Alone Time

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Sound of Silence

Under the right circumstances, I find silence to be calming if my heart is at ease and I’m content with whatever is going on in my day. Sometimes I make my own silence if I’m in an environment where there is mild background noise and it is easy to tune out. Giving myself a moment…… Continue reading Sound of Silence