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Abuse, Trauma, or Both?

Gosh, I am in trouble. When the writing bug hits, I can’t let it go until it’s finished. Fair warning though, this is somewhat of an ugly topic. I know every family has skeletons in their closet. We’re all a product of the environments we grew up in. My family is no exception from this…… Continue reading Abuse, Trauma, or Both?

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Down the Rabbit Hole of Childhood

My biological age is 29. I haven’t learned to do all the things I thought I would know to do by now. On an emotional level, I feel I stopped aging appropriately at least 10 years ago. I do think I already had a host of issues starting from childhood. Many things were never resolved…… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole of Childhood

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Listening to True Crime Podcasts

It seems like not too long ago that I didn’t know what the heck was a podcast. Back in my day growing up in the 90’s, listening to music on the radio or stereo was all the rage. I would always fiddle around between stations until I found one playing a good song. I liked…… Continue reading Listening to True Crime Podcasts

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New Experiences

My time in China is almost up!! Today I left the hotel in Xiamen to travel back to Beijing. Another 3-hour flight and then I’ll stay overnight at an airport hotel before boarding the plane for New York the next morning at 9 AM. Ugh I am not looking forward to the 13-hour flight to…… Continue reading New Experiences

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Cultural Differences

It’s day 8 since I came to to Beijing, China for a 10-day vacation. I started writing this post yesterday while waiting for a flight to Xiamen. It only took 3 hours to get there, thankfully. Being part of a tour guide group for the first 5 days in China, the sights I saw were…… Continue reading Cultural Differences

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Looking Young

It’s my fourth day vacationing in China. Twice so far I got mistaken for being younger than my biological age. I’m not happy about it even though I know another person in my shoes might take the “Oh you look so young” comment as a compliment rather than something bad. My knee-jerk reaction was to…… Continue reading Looking Young

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Taking It Personally

It might not seem like much to get upset over, but I was quite peeved when my dad told me over dinner that I shouldn’t lean my elbows on the table while eating. In his words, it looks “impolite, especially since you are a girl” and “if other people in a restaurant who are at…… Continue reading Taking It Personally

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Weird Things People Do in Public

I feel a bit judgmental writing this post. The kind of habits I find to be “weird”, other people may think, What is she even talking about? That’s totally fine! I bet some of the things I do can be perceived as weird too. It depends on an individual’s perspective and what strikes them as…… Continue reading Weird Things People Do in Public

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Movie Scenes That Still Freak Me Out

I have nostalgia for the Jurassic Park trilogy, especially since I have seen Jurassic World and am getting ready to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in theaters today. It was great to rewatch the very first film which started the franchise. Despite how dated the quality and graphics were, the storyline and characters still held…… Continue reading Movie Scenes That Still Freak Me Out

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Clothing & Slogans

Ever since I got a FitBit watch, I take more satisfaction out of walking longer distances and tapping on the wristband to steadily see my number of steps gradually increase. I was determined to make it to 10,000 steps today and had about 2,000 more steps till completion. To ensure I reached my goal, I…… Continue reading Clothing & Slogans