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Mistakes About Pets

This is a hard, hard topic. My household has never been a fit environment for pets. In childhood, my brother had tadpoles that lasted days in a tank before they died. My dad bought them for him knowing they wouldn’t last but he did it anyway just to satisfy my brother’s whims. I remember being…… Continue reading Mistakes About Pets

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Things Yet to Come

I had a very ordinary day with not much going on. One thing I was very pleased about is the start of Daylight Savings on this past Sunday. Moving the clock ahead has made all the difference with an extra hour of sun. Finally! It was a wonderful feeling today for it to be 5…… Continue reading Things Yet to Come

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My thoughts are everywhere and nowhere today. It’s like thinking so much at once and at the same time there is a lethargic nature to it, where thoughts form and dissipate before  I can make up my mind about whether I want to continue building a sentence from the shaped idea. Even how I am…… Continue reading Distracted

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Chapped Lips

Okay, chances are you stumbled upon this post, looked at the title, and are thinking, “Seriously? Of all the things this girl is writing about, she writes about something as mundane as chapped lips?” Well, I guess I’m weird like that. Ideas pop into my head. I can’t help but explore them. I’m not very…… Continue reading Chapped Lips

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Crazed Nightmare & Seeing Myself As I Am

This morning, I had the most horrible nightmare. It is my worst one to date, I think. I don’t know if this is just me, but the nightmares I have during morning hours (like 7-9 AMish) are more vivid and I’m able to remember them more easily after I wake up. The whole time in…… Continue reading Crazed Nightmare & Seeing Myself As I Am

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Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

There was a light snow this morning. Because it rained earlier, the ground was wet and so the snow did not stick or the little bit that did quickly melted away. It was a bit of a disappointment that the snow didn’t pile up. I miss smelling the scent of rain wafting in through my…… Continue reading Heat Problems, Netflix & Clocks

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Christmas Eve, Netflix, and Games

Well, it’s Christmas Eve! It won’t be a white Christmas around where I live. No snow, but it is raining, haha. The only celebratory thing I can think of that my family and I did was have a hot pot dinner at home. It’s just me and my parents, haha. I think I appreciate a…… Continue reading Christmas Eve, Netflix, and Games

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Life Reflections

I’ve been to just about nowhere in the last week or so. The days feel shorter, which I blame on the early sunsets. Very few people in my neighborhood put up Christmas decorations, though it’s a cheering sight to see one house turns on their Christmas lights once it gets dark out. I remember a…… Continue reading Life Reflections

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RRW #2: Waiting for an Answer

I’m nearly crushed under the weight I am holding up. When did this begin and when does it end? All I can do is wait. For how long? It’s not over yet. Fidgeting, twirling, bouncing on my feet. Any and every quirk to distract myself from wondering when the response will come. Until then, I…… Continue reading RRW #2: Waiting for an Answer