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A Good Lie

Yesterday evening I had dinner with some rich folks in China. It was so not my comfort zone for a variety of reasons: I had to go over their house (before the dinner) I didn’t know them They spoke in a different dialect (which I don’t understand) Awkwardness Most of all, I know I tolerated…… Continue reading A Good Lie

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Once and Never Again

It was a Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day when I got back from my weekend trip to the Pocono Mountains. I made a morning stop into lower Manhattan. It was nice and vacant; people were only beginning to fill up the streets as the hour rolled on. After dropping off a donation at a…… Continue reading Once and Never Again

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5 Socially Awkward Things

For better or worse, I got through today. Along the way some random (and maybe embarrassing?) stuff happened. Oh well because I’m socially awkward. Owning up to this part of myself feels lighthearted and funny because I can see the humor in the situations I was in. It’s so drastically different from how I feel…… Continue reading 5 Socially Awkward Things

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Face in a Crowd

What do people see when they look at me? What draws them to glance my way in the first place, and what makes them stare for a few seconds longer than usual? These are questions I wonder about often. Was it something I did to catch their attention or are they searching for something in…… Continue reading Face in a Crowd

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Unwanted Catcalling

Wow, this is a tough topic to write about. Getting catcalled and/or harassed on the street is a terrible thing to go through, whether the person on the receiving end of this is a man or woman. No one should be treated like a piece of meat. Being preyed upon another person like this is…… Continue reading Unwanted Catcalling

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A Feeling of Dread

Judging from the featured photo I chose to use for this post, you would think whatever I have to discuss today is terrifying and horrific. In a way, it is. Social anxiety sucks. Anxiety sucks. Having both at different intervals throughout my day to day life is more than just a hassle or a nuisance.…… Continue reading A Feeling of Dread

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Lost in the Crowd

Being in a crowd can be overwhelming or underwhelming depending on where I am. The feeling of being bunched up, almost shoulder to shoulder with someone else and having my personal space invaded upon, is not a good experience. Sometimes I wing it and tolerate a situation like that because I have no choice, like…… Continue reading Lost in the Crowd

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An Act of Kindness

I often try to keep in mind nowadays when I see people or interact with them is that I don’t know what they are going through in their lives. I can’t control how they act towards me, but I can control how I respond to them. They don’t know what is going on in my…… Continue reading An Act of Kindness

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Taking a Risk

This is probably the most ridiculous and the gutsiest thing I have ever done, to date, in my adult life. I actually still feel bad when I recall what happened, but if I hadn’t taken the risk I had, I honestly don’t know what other option I could have taken that day. It was a…… Continue reading Taking a Risk

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Being Insulted

This happened to me on the Upper East Side of New York many years ago when I was still in college. I was going to the Metropolitan Museum to work on a writing assignment for class. The stupid thing about this incident is how fast it happened in a blink of an eye and I…… Continue reading Being Insulted