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No Kids For Me

As a child, I played house all the time with my Barbie dolls. I had several lifesize baby dolls and I carried around one of them with me everywhere. I liked cradling the doll like a real baby and feeding her a fake bottle to mimic pseudo milk going into her plastic mouth but that…… Continue reading No Kids For Me

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What I Want Versus What Other People Want For Me

Why does this keep happening? I internally ask myself. I’ve almost reached the end of my second week studying in the hotel hospitality program. That’s six more intensive weeks left. I feel very accomplished that I’ve made it this far and intend to keep going. But tonight a single sentence from my mother nearly shattered…… Continue reading What I Want Versus What Other People Want For Me

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Down the Rabbit Hole of Childhood

My biological age is 29. I haven’t learned to do all the things I thought I would know to do by now. On an emotional level, I feel I stopped aging appropriately at least 10 years ago. I do think I already had a host of issues starting from childhood. Many things were never resolved…… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole of Childhood

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Better Left Unsaid?

It was a snowy day. Usually I don’t get the chance to do the shoveling since someone in my household always gets to it before me. But I was on my own today and I thought, Why not. An inch of snow already covered the ground as I worked on the area at the foot…… Continue reading Better Left Unsaid?

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After the Storm

Who knew I would be here in 2019. Just a few days ago I was bubbling with excitement and trepidation over the vocational school I signed up for in the hopes of landing a job after graduation. I thought, This is it, I am finally doing something with my life. I’ve made a decision for…… Continue reading After the Storm

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Messed Up on the Inside

For a long time now I have been alienating myself from those who care about me. Right now I feel so conflicted because I haven’t been totally honest with them. It’s true it is uncomfortable to have those sit-down talks with them because I didn’t grow up comfortable telling them everything and it got harder…… Continue reading Messed Up on the Inside

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Changing Ideals

I have been heavily influenced by ideals of who I wanted to be or what other people wanted me to be, whether those were things I perceived people wished for me or they told me outright. This is a weird place to start, but as a child, I wanted to be a bride and become…… Continue reading Changing Ideals

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Parents as Housemates

Everyone has their own living circumstances, whether they chose it or have nowhere else to stay. I am still living under the same roof as my parents. Let me say that for those who are in the same tenacious situation and struggle between being grateful with having a place to sleep at night as well…… Continue reading Parents as Housemates

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Wake-Up Call

Today, the second night into a vacation trip I took with my family to the Pocono Mountains, I had been slowly but surely putting together a blog draft of all the cool things I have experienced thus far. Now in light of something that happened this evening, I feel too somber to publish it. Maybe…… Continue reading Wake-Up Call

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Not A Good Day (Sorry)

This is not a good post. Whoever is reading this can tell from the title that it’s not going well for me today. That being said, feel free to skip this post because, like some of my other posts, it can be emotionally draining to read. I don’t know for sure but after writing many…… Continue reading Not A Good Day (Sorry)