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Weird Things People Do in Public

I feel a bit judgmental writing this post. The kind of habits I find to be “weird”, other people may think, What is she even talking about? That’s totally fine! I bet some of the things I do can be perceived as weird too. It depends on an individual’s perspective and what strikes them as…… Continue reading Weird Things People Do in Public

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On the Subway

I felt so bizarre being around people. Public transit is not something I use every day but I did today after several days of not hopping on a subway. Around junior high school, a nervous reflex I developed was to blink a lot. It got so prevalent that, when one of my teachers mentioned having…… Continue reading On the Subway

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An Almost Success

I did almost everything right today. Almost. I got a good night’s rest. I scarfed down a measly breakfast (can’t eat much when my nerves are bouncing in my stomach). I was set with my bag, my clipped resume, and my interview clothes. It wasn’t enough. As someone who only occasionally travels to the Upper…… Continue reading An Almost Success

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Blowing Things Out of Proportion

Yesterday was exhausting after I spent the whole day and into the evening with my family. I had a good time, although there were some rocky moments I’ll discuss in this post. My family doesn’t typically do anything for Christmas as sometimes convenience overtakes the desire to be festive and merry. But my brother happened…… Continue reading Blowing Things Out of Proportion

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Taking a Risk

This is probably the most ridiculous and the gutsiest thing I have ever done, to date, in my adult life. I actually still feel bad when I recall what happened, but if I hadn’t taken the risk I had, I honestly don’t know what other option I could have taken that day. It was a…… Continue reading Taking a Risk

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September Blogging Challenge #18

WOAH!! I overdid myself for this prompt by writing way over the minimum number of words (400) that I was supposed to write. I definitely got carried away with the topic. 😂 If you are inspired to do this prompt on your own blog, there is a link with the full guidelines at the very…… Continue reading September Blogging Challenge #18

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A Day of Summer in Solitude

Technically summer is almost over since September 22 was the first day of fall, but the weather in NYC is still pretty humid on some days. Such as today. I was sweating my butt off walking to the train station this afternoon and it was gross, however, I prefer to be hot than cold. Yesterday…… Continue reading A Day of Summer in Solitude

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Annoyances on the Subway

Inspiration has struck me as I am on the subway. This is the grouchy New Yorker in me coming out after years of relying on mass transit for my daily commute to and from places. Hence this list was born to showcase the things I hate to encounter while riding the train. Also, I don’t…… Continue reading Annoyances on the Subway

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The Quiet Kid

I was born in 1989 in Brooklyn, New York. As the story goes, it was not long after I was born that my parents moved into a house they bought. Somewhere in one of the family albums, there is a snapshot of my smiling mother standing in the house living room as she held me,…… Continue reading The Quiet Kid