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Getting Past Worries

I am in a state of worry, but there is a comfort in being able to acknowledge it and not trying to fight the tension. Things come and go. I actually had a good day today. The weather was wonderful enough that I wore shorts when I went outside. Just as that bit of happiness…… Continue reading Getting Past Worries

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Down the Rabbit Hole of Childhood

My biological age is 29. I haven’t learned to do all the things I thought I would know to do by now. On an emotional level, I feel I stopped aging appropriately at least 10 years ago. I do think I already had a host of issues starting from childhood. Many things were never resolved…… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole of Childhood

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Belief in Oneself

I am going through a bit of a dry spell this winter in terms of motivation. Or rather, my motivation is very selective as I’ve made the choice to do some things while slacking with others. The decision alone to do or not to do is sometimes one I don’t want to make. I can’t…… Continue reading Belief in Oneself

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Staying Up Late

Whether I decide to be a night owl until late into the evening, it honestly depends on how I am feeling. Am I sleepy? Energetic? Exhausted? My mind is always going and going even when I can feel myself getting drowsy. I have, on and off, been so terrible at setting an early bedtime that…… Continue reading Staying Up Late

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Prompt: The Thing That Keeps Me Up At Night

This prompt originates from this list. Write about the thing that keeps you up at night. There are lots of things that can keep me up at night. Mostly, it is worry. The nature of worrying about something even after I have a solution to fix the situation or have made plans about what I…… Continue reading Prompt: The Thing That Keeps Me Up At Night

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Worst Nightmares Ever

What awful luck, it’s my friend insomnia keeping me awake again. I’m not going to enter my dreamworld anytime soon, but I can occupy myself with writing this post and hopefully by the time I finish, I’ll feel sleepy enough to get some shut-eye. To be in the physical state of falling asleep is a…… Continue reading Worst Nightmares Ever