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Bad Habits

Where is the line in the sand between a bad habit and concerning behavior that starts to impact how I live? I have a habit that might be considered disgusting and also harmful to myself. Only I didn’t think of it as actually harmful until today when I was called out for it. I am…… Continue reading Bad Habits

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The Everlasting Search

I run the pad of my finger over the soft surface in pursuit of flat smoothness, of bumps, and unevenness. A formed habit from long ago, isn’t it strange how much I think I need this? I come back to the same spot again and again; stuck over the sensation of a jagged healing crust.…… Continue reading The Everlasting Search

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Skin Picking / Dermatillomania

Some mornings, I just eat whatever for breakfast because my appetite doesn’t care what it is as long as I stop feeling hungry afterward, lol. Today I ate a steamed bun, or a “mantou”, as it is known in Mandarin Chinese. This is different from a stuffed steam bun, which usually has filling or meat…… Continue reading Skin Picking / Dermatillomania