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Infinitely Moody 😐

I feel like sh*t. Many things could be the reason why I want to fly off the handle or generally want to give up on life and stop giving a f*ck about everything and anything. I honestly don’t know what is normal and what isn’t anymore. I just finished watching the HBO series Euphoria. The…… Continue reading Infinitely Moody 😐

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Haze of Sadness

I am unable to describe what is wrong with me. Is there anything wrong, actually, or is my mental health tipping back and forth as it is for everyone else out there? The dips in my mood come and go. I just can’t figure out if it’s: A) Self-confidence issues about my future and all…… Continue reading Haze of Sadness

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RIP to Mobile Games

It seemed unimaginable that there might be a day when I would decide to say goodbye to mobile games forever. Some days ago, I did just that. No more Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Super Saga, or Cookie Jam on my phone. The trinity of 3-match games I have played on and off for these past…… Continue reading RIP to Mobile Games

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Waking Up

Awakening from sleep is the oddest sensation ever. At first, it’s like I’m unable to fully take in what is happening and only through slowly regaining awareness of my surroundings, I realize I am waking up. I sleep with my covers over me, so many times I’ve woken up thinking it’s still dark out until…… Continue reading Waking Up

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I Look Happier?

Yesterday I saw and spoke with an aunt I have not seen for several months. I only found out that morning she was coming but when she didn’t arrive, I assumed her plans had changed. I didn’t ask either of my parents for clarification either and just felt relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal…… Continue reading I Look Happier?

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Lies I Tell Myself

Today is one of my worser days. It feels like a garbled mixture of anxiety, depression, and mood swings. I’ve been telling myself many lies for an innumerable amount of years. I don’t know where the lies begin and where they end, all I know is I can’t stop with this self-sabotage. Maybe it will…… Continue reading Lies I Tell Myself