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The Good and the Bad

I wish I could say that I felt inspired to write a post right at this moment because I have positive vibes and nothing but great things to share. That’s not it. Instead I felt the itch to write because I am in a bad mood and desperately wanted/needed some kind of outlet to get…… Continue reading The Good and the Bad

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Prompt: First Person Who Ever Believed In Me

It’s hard to say if I can remember who was the very first person in my life who ever believed in me. So, I will write about the first person I remember as the one who gave me a lot of encouragement and support and how that made an impact on me. Her name was…… Continue reading Prompt: First Person Who Ever Believed In Me

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Too Hard on Myself

So many times I’ve been told by my group therapy moderator, Betsy, that I’m too hard on myself. It’s taken me this long to start believing her. While I accept and see the truth of how often I use myself as a punching bag, I still have tons of problems with believing other things about…… Continue reading Too Hard on Myself

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Group Therapy, a Homework Assignment & a Memory

It’s almost that time of the week again for me to go to group therapy on Saturday. To say I am looking forward to it is not really true. I dread being in a space where I am sharing stuff about myself in a group. Like last week, I have to complete a thought record…… Continue reading Group Therapy, a Homework Assignment & a Memory

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Things I Learned About Myself in Therapy

Yesterday’s group therapy session I partook in was especially helpful. I can feel a difference in myself that seems to be almost physical, in the sense my body is lighter from letting go of emotional baggage I didn’t know I was carrying with me. My therapy homework assignment last week was to write a thought…… Continue reading Things I Learned About Myself in Therapy